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The Records Section is responsible for the retention of police records, as well as the release of information to the public, courts, other law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. 
The records Section is also responsible for data entry, storage, indexing, filing, retrieval, preservation, distribution, retention, and destruction of all police records.   This information comes from a variety of sources including officers' reports and other Departmental documents. These records allow Department employees and other governmental agencies access to information needed for analysis and helps improve managerial decision making regarding issues that impact the Rapid City Police Department.
The Records Section continually works to improve access to critical information for investigators, officers, administrators and the public; increase security of vital records; eliminate redundancy of information in electronic formats; improve classification of information; improve quality and faster service to our customers; analyze and enhance the flow of work and increase staff productivity.
The information gathered and disseminated by the Records Section often provides data for evaluating, planning, and managing future activities of the Rapid City Police Department.
For Records requests, please call 605-394-4117.
Effective May of 2016: The RCPD and Pennington County Sheriff's Office will no longer be conducting background checks at the request of the public or contracted background investigators. We will direct your office to the South Dakota Unified Judicial System (UJS) Record Search at www.ujs.sd.gov.  Click on the icon that says Online Records Searches. If you have any questions please refer to the website above for the phone number and email address.
Price List
Case Reports - $8.00 including tax
Arrest Reports - $8.00 including tax
Log Entries - $1.00 including tax
Accident Reports - $4.00
Reconstruction Report - $275.00

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