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  • Daily Crime Log
    • Please visit to view up-to-date information on calls for service within city limits. 

      To view calls for service:

      1. Visit

      2. Select 'Rapid City' in the 'Jump to City' box.

      3. In the 'Date Range' tab, select the dates you wish to view.

      4. Click on any of the incidents on the map to view basic call information.


      The Rapid City Police Department makes no warranty, explicit or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information presented on this site. The data is presented "as is " although the Rapid City Police Department does its best to generate useful and accurate information. The information presented here is subject to the limitations inherent when compilation is done via automated means. Available records may contain errors or may be incomplete due to errors introduced through data entry, coding, and manipulation. The resulting information has not been verified or confirmed.

      The only information presented are calls for service to which the Rapid City Police Department responded.

      The calls listed do not represent all the calls for service that occur. This information does not imply that an individual is guilty or has even been charged with a crime.

      The address listed does not necessarily represent the location of the incident; it may be the location of where the call originated.

      It is important to understand the nature of the data presented on this site when deriving any conclusions from this data.

  • FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics

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