Field Services

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The Field Services Division, commanded by Captain Andy Becker, represents the largest commitment of departmental resources. This commitment underscores the Department’s dedication to the protection and preservation of public safety.
Division responsibilities include responding to calls for service, as well as finding solutions for a wide variety of problems within our community.  Members of the Field Services Division answer most of the Department’s more than 100,000 calls for service each year.
The division includes sworn patrol officers, traffic crash investigators, and community service officers. The division is supported by other department divisions such as records, administration and criminal investigations.The Rapid City Police Department practices sector policing. By dividing the city into sectors, patrol officers are better able to respond to the needs of the community. Each sector is headed by a Sector Lieutenant, who is focused on improving community relations, providing resources, and proactive policing.
Patrol officers provide continuous delivery of police services to the community through numerous and varied functions. These include:
  • Proactive patrol
  • Maintenance of public order
  • Discovery of hazards
  • Response to citizen needs for services
  • Investigation of crimes and incidents
  • Arresting offender
  • Traffic direction and control
  • Providing emergency services
  • Reporting information to appropriate organizational components
Patrol officers are trained in a variety of areas such as locating and collecting physical evidence, photography, and collection of latent fingerprints.Civilian crash investigators - who are certified accident reconstructionists - investigate all types of vehicular accidents and enforce traffic laws with a focus on making our city roads safer.
Patrol also encompasses several special units, including the K-9 Unit, Street Crimes Unit, and Special Response Team. 

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