Sport Complexes

All Weather Running Track
Sioux Park 2445 Canyon Lake Drive
Canyon Lake Little League Complex 1610 32nd Street
Floyd Fitzgerald Stadium - Am. Legion Post 22 2721 Canyon Lake Drive
Harney Baseball Complex 610 E. Fairmont Boulevard
Jamie Johnson Pony League Field 1730 32nd Street
Pete Lien Field - Am. Legion Post 320 2601 Canyon Lake Drive
McKeague Field 2819 Canyon Lake Drive
Rushmore Little League Complex 131 E. New York Street
Rushmore Pony League Field 730 Anamosa Street
Timberline Little League Complex 1450 32nd Street
Basketball Courts
Basketball hoops are available at all major parks plus the following areas:
South Middle School, Thomson Park and North Middle School
BMX Track
Robbinsdale Park 626 Fairmont Boulevard
Community Centers
South Community Center 2 Indiana Street
West Community Center 1003 Soo San Drive
Disc Golf Courses
9 Hole West Omaha/Cross Street
Jackson Park Course (18 Holes) 3040 Jackson Boulevard
LaCroix Park (12 Holes) 3820 Odde Drive
Horseshoe Courts
Sioux Park Complex (12 courts) 900 Sheridan Lake Road
Canyon Lake Park (4 courts) 4181 Jackson Boulevard
In-Line Skating
Skate Park
(In-line skating is not allowed on tennis courts.)
221 New York Street
Leash-Free Zones
Braeburn Addition West of Cleghorn Fish Hatchery off of Jackson Boulevard
Wilderness Park East of City Springs Road, north of picnic area
Knollwood Metering Dam North of Racine Street, west of LaCrosse Street
Robbinsdale Park South of picnic area, east of Harney Little League Complex
and north of Fairmont Boulevard
Memorial Park East Between 5th & East Boulevard, north of Rapid Creek
Vickie Powers Park Posted area, 940 Kathryn Avenue
Racquetball Courts
Rushmore Complex (4) 202 East Main N Street
Sioux Park Complex (4) 900 Sheridan Lake Road
Roosevelt Swim Center - Indoor (2) 125 Waterloo Street
Sand Volleyball Courts
Canyon Lake Park (1) 4181 Jackson Boulevard
Founders Park (4) West Omaha Street
ASA Softball Complex 4415 Parkview Drive
Rushmore Girls Softball Complex 20 E. Main Street
Star of the West Softball Complex 1615 Sedivy Lane
Whitehead Softball Complex 3101 Canyon Lake Drive
Cambell Street Polo Fields 1835 Cambell Street
Dakota Fields Soccer Complex 3737 North Elk Vale Road
Minnesota Field 678 E Minnesota Street
Mountain View Field 1801 W. Omaha Street
Nordermeer Field-Sioux Park Complex 900 Sheridan Lake Road
Sioux San Fields 2300 Canyon Lake Drive
Tennis Courts
Quarry Park (2) City Springs Road
Parkview Tennis Complex (12) 4325 Parkview Drive
North Middle School (6) * 1501 N. Maple Avenue
Sioux Park (12) * 2445 Canyon Lake Drive
Thomson Park (2) 880 E. Meadowlark Drive
Wilson Park (2) 1701 Mt. Rushmore Road
* Lighted for night play

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