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Dinosaur Park is Under Construction

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Dinosaur Park Brochure

pdf Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan (164 KB)

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 New Parks Web App
The new Rapid City Parks Web App will allow users to search for recreation facilities, park locations and information, and a wealth of other information about the Parks and Recreation Department.

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Park Maps
Park maps available for download are in PDF format and GeoPDF enabled if noted.

  pdf Bike Path Map (364 KB)

  pdf Skyline WIlderness Area Trail Map GeoPDF (3.06 MB)

Maps listed with the Avenza Maps symbol Avenza are links to the Rapid City list of maps available on the Avenza Maps website. The Avenza Maps app will pinpoint your location on the map and includes tools such as collecting your track, marking points, and linking photos to the map. Avenza Maps is a free application available from the app store on your mobile device.  

Skyline Wilderness Area Trial Map  Avenza


Bike Path Rules
The Leonard “Swanny” Swanson Memorial Pathway is one of the most-used places in our park system. Almost every day the path becomes a multi-use thoroughfare for bikers, runners, inline skaters, dog walkers and strollers walking two, three and sometimes four abreast. Since cyclists tend to move the fastest, they can easily injure others. Simultaneously, they are also vulnerable to lack of consideration from others. Thus, the Parks and Recreation Department has a vested interest in users following the core rules of path use:

1. All users should travel in the right hand lane.
2. Pass on the left.
3. Announce your passing to other path users.
4. Move off the path when stopping.
5. Travel at speeds which are safe and appropriate.
6. Pay attention to other path users.

Though not required by law, we encourage riders of all ages to wear helmets. Even at slow speeds, a fall of 3 or 4 feet to the concrete path can cause serious injury.

Wedding Information
The Gazebo in Canyon Lake Park, located at 4211 Beach Drive, is available (by reservation only) for weddings throughout the year. Reservations may be made at the Rapid City Parks and Recreation Office, 515 West Boulevard, or by calling 394-4175. Payment is due at the time the reservation is made. The fee to use the Canyon Lake Gazebo is $20.00 per hour. A 30-day notice is required for cancellations and an administrative fee of $10.00 will be retained.

Payment must be made at the time of reservation. Please bring a copy of your receipt as proof of reservation. The Gazebo may be reserved throughout the day by different parties. Please respect the next reserved time slot and clean up after your event. The group that uses the Gazebo after you will appreciate a clean park facility.

There are four electrical outlets in the gazebo located underneath the benches; 2 on the south side and 2 on the north side. You may decorate the Gazebo, but PLEASE DO NOT pound nails, use staples, or tape that will leave a residue on any trees or the Gazebo. Use of string or ribbon is recommended.

All parks are open to everyone on a first-come first-served basis. Some favorite locations for weddings are:

Sioux Park Formal Gardens
Sunken Gardens
Wilson Park Gazebo
Memorial Park Rose Gardens

Park regulations are posted at the park entrance and include these five major restrictions:

  1. NO  Alcoholic beverages
  2. Park Hours: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  3. Animals are to be leashed
  4. Electrical Outlets are for food preparation only
  5. No parking on the grass

We strive to keep the shelters reasonably clean and the facilities working properly, but occasionally problems occur that are beyond our control. Please let us know of any problems so they can be corrected. Damage to the property caused by misuse will be billed to the user on record.

For more information, please call 394-4175.

Community Flower Gardens
Rapid City boasts some of the most beautiful flower gardens in the State. If you haven't taken time to visit them, we recommend that you do. Some you can enjoy driving by in a vehicle, but others deserve an up-close view.

Butterfly Garden North Shore of Canyon Lake
Halley Park Gardens  1210 St. Joseph Street 
Memorial Park Rose Gardens  Omaha & 8th Street
Memory Lane Gardens  Sioux Park behind Monument Behavioral Health
Omaha Street Scape Intersection of Omaha & West Blvd
Ralph Cole Arboretum Intersection of Mt. View & Jackson Blvd
Roosevelt Demonstration Gardens Intersection of Maple & New York Street
Sunken Gardens Across from the Parks Maintenance Office
William Nordermeer Formal Gardens In Sioux Park off Canyon Lake Drive
Wilson Park Gardens 1701 Mt. Rushmore Road

Adopt a Park Program
Interested in improving our City Parks, Rapid Creek areas, and recreational trails? Members of the Adopt-A-Park Program contribute to the betterment of the community by making public areas cleaner, safer, and more attractive. Become a member of the ADOPT-A-PARK PROGRAM by calling (605) 394-4175.

Adopt a Park Program Information

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