Learn To Skate Classes

Learn to Skate Classes
We offer United States Figure Skating Curriculum for Basic Skills. USFS is the national governing body for figure skating in the United States and the precursor for USA Hockey and international competitive figure skating. All students enrolled in our classes gain annual membership in USFS Basic Skills at no additional charge. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch from the lobby or bleachers, but not from the players box.

Classes are recreational and designed to build upon the mastered skills in the previous level. Skate rental is included in the class fee. Participants should wear warm, nonbinding clothing. Helmets and gloves are encouraged. We reserve the right to make any changes or cancel any class due to low enrollment.

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Snowplow Sam 1-4 Snowplow Sam levels are for children aged 4 and 5.  These classes are designed to develop preliminary coordination and strength necessary to maneuver on the ice independently. Skills include: proper falling and getting up techniques, as well as balance, marching, and gliding maneuvers.  Skills in Snowplow Sam classes are primarily taught through fun and games.  Bike helmets and gloves are recommended.  Classes are 35 minutes long, with 5 minutes of off-ice warm up in each class.  
Basic Skills 1-6 There are 6 levels of Basic Skills that help students master the fundamentals of the sport.  Students must be at least 6 years old to participate.  All students progress through these levels at different rates and some levels may require repetition and extra practice time at Learn to Skate drop-in to master necessary skills fully.  Bike helmets and gloves are recommended. Levels may be combined due to enrollment. 
Pre-Freeskate & Freeskate 1-6

Upon completion of the Basic Skills levels, the student is ready for Pre-Freeskate & Freeskate 1 class. These are advanced classes which will prepare students for further progression in USFS testing.

Special Olympics A badge program designed for skaters with special needs.  Our program offers 12 levels of Special Olympics classes.  Upon completion of these classes, the skater may enroll in the regular curriculum.
Adult Figure & Adult Hockey Skating The adult curriculum is designed for the beginning adult skater.  It will promote physical fitness as well as improved balance and coordination while learning proper skating technique.  For those adults that skated in their youth, but wish to build on their skills, this is the perfect class.  Instructors will create a lesson plan to accommodate each adult individually.  
Aspire Club Apire is a program designed to bridge the gap between beginning and higher level skaters maintaining US Figure Skating Membership. Develop new skills, improve practice habits, and learn the fundmentals alongside peers. 
Show Class (Basic 3 and above) Want to perform an extra routine in the Winter Ice Show?  If so, you must sign up for this class.  Skaters enrolled in this class will be expected to meet approximately 4 times.  Specific rehearsal dates and times will be announced.
Hockey 1-4 Our hockey curriculum is designed to teach the skater basic skills that are specifically geared for future hockey players.  Completion of Basic 1 or equivalent skating skills are pre-requisites for Hockey 1. Proper beginning skating techniques are the primary focus and all elements are taught without the use of a puck. Graduates of this program are encouraged to register in our Learn to Play Hockey class to further their skills. Bike helmets and gloves recommended.
Learn to Skate Drop-In Learn to Skate Drop-In is a time set aside for current students in our Learn to Skate classes to practice their developing skills in a stress-free environment.  Parents, siblings and friends of the student may attend also.  Bike helmets and gloves recommended. 
Freestyle Drop In  Freestyle drop-in is a time set aside for advanced skaters to practice.  Only the qualified skater (must be at a Pre-Freeskate level or above) may be on the ice during this drop-in. Current USFSA or ISI membership or affiliation with a USFSA or ISI figure skating club is required to attend.No friends or family allowed on the ice during this practice. 
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