American Red Cross Courses

American Red Cross Courses

Rapid City Aquatics is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for American Red Cross courses and as such offer a variety of Health & Safety courses. If less than 5 participants, class may be cancelled.  Contact Barbara Iwan at 394-5223 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your specific needs.

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Upcoming Courses

Lifeguard Course - includes CPR/First Aid/AED & Waterpark.  Course is taught via Blended Learning and in person skill sessions.  Waterfront is taught upon request on a separte date.

Lifeguard Course Fact Sheet

Waterpark Course Fact Sheet

Waterfront Course Fact Sheet

Water Safety Instructor (WSI)  - course for those interested in teaching swim lessons.  Course is taught via Blended Learning and in person skill sessions.

WSI Fact Sheet

Date To Be Determined 

Babysitter - (Ages 11-15 suggested ages; must be 11 by last day of course)  Course is taught via Blended Learning and in person skill sessions.

Babysitter's Fact Sheet

Babysitter's CPR - Child/Infant Fact Sheet

Babysitter's Frist Aid Fact Sheet

CPR COURSES - Please see Fact Sheet for full description of course to choose appropriatley.  CPR Courses taught via Blended Learning with in person skill session taking place 2nd Tuesday of each month. CPR Courses may be requested for groups/business/organizations for in person learning also.  Must have at least 5 to teach off site.

First Aid/CPR Adult/Child/Infant/AED Fact Sheet 

Basic Life Support Fact Sheet

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Fact Sheet Taught in person upon request.

Skill Boost Courses - By request 

Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto Injector Administration

Asthma and Quick-Relieft Medication Administration

Head, Neck, Muscle, Bone and Joint Injuries and Splinting

Life-Threatening Bleeding and Touriquet Application

Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Administration


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