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2022-23 City Council 2022-23 City Council


City Council 2022-23

(Left to right)
Jason Salamun, Lance Lehmann, Ritchie Nordstrom, Laura Armstrong, Bill Evans, Mayor Steve Allender, Pat Jones, Pat Roseland, Greg Strommen, Jesse Ham. (Not pictured: John Roberts)

2022-23 City Council Members

Ward 1 precinct map
Pat Jones
Jesse Ham

Ward 2 precinct map
Ritchie Nordstrom
Bill Evans *Vice President

Ward 3 precinct map
Jason Salamun 
Greg Strommen

Ward 4 precinct map
John B. Roberts
Lance Lehmann *President

Ward 5 precinct map
Laura Armstrong 
Pat Roseland

9-8-3. Composition of common council - Election and terms of office.

Aldermen shall be citizens of the United States and a registered voter and resident of the ward for which they will hold office. Each ward will have 2 aldermen whose terms shall be staggered to provide that both aldermen from a ward are not up for election in the same year. The term of office for aldermen shall be 3 years starting with the term of office for aldermen elected in the municipal election held in June of 2016. 

pdf Council Polices and Procedures (443 KB)

City Council Subcommittee & Liaison Assignments

pdf Code of Conduct (236 KB)

pdf Conflict of Interest (413 KB)

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