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CHAOS Makerspace from Field Trip Productions on Vimeo.

CHAOS is a space in the library where you can bring your ideas to life. The CHAOS Makerspace gives you access to tools like 3D printers, robots, arts & crafts, high-end computers for design and more. CHAOS offers monthly programs that teach kids, teens, and adults how to 3D model, code, create, and make all sorts of crazy things! Join the CHAOS!
CHAOS General Rules
• CHAOS is open during normal library hours and is available to all library patrons. 
• CHAOS equipment may be reserved and can be booked upon entrance to the space. 
• Fees are charged for certain consumables (i.e. 3D print filament) according to the Libraries’ pdf Loan Periods, Fines and Fees Policy (376 KB) .
CHAOS Safety & Training
• When using tools and equipment, it is assumed that the user is capable of using that item in a safe and proper manner.
• Training is available upon request.
• Rapid City Public Libraries provides the user with access to safety supplies as needed for the provided equipment.
• All safety gear must be worn according to safety guidelines.
• It is the responsibility of the patron to report any witnessed accident or injury to a library staff member.
CHAOS Staff Assistance
Staff is available to assist in using CHAOS resources to the extent that time, other duties, and patron demands will allow. Patrons who have special requests or accommodations are requested to contact the Libraries at least 36 hours in advance to make arrangements using our Book-a-Librarian Service.
CHAOS Projects & Storage
• Users are to provide their own external digital storage devices. All images, videos, recordings, and projects will be removed from CHAOS equipment after use.
• The Libraries are not responsible for the loss of equipment, files, or projects left at the library.
• Users are expected to return all materials to storage areas and clean workspaces prior to leaving.
3D Printing
• Printing of illegal or dangerous objects (i.e. weapons) will not be permitted.
• Copyright laws (Title 17, US Code) shall be adhered to.
• The Rapid City Public Libraries do not assume the responsibility for failed prints or destroyed/damaged projects.
• Items will be printed on a first come, first serve basis. 
• Prints are held for 14 days, then recycled or discarded.

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