Training Section

The Rapid City Fire Department's mission is, "Prepare, Prevent, Protect." The RCFD Training Section is devoted to the "Prepare" portion of that mission statement.

The training section, which is led by Section Chief Hunter Harlan, sets the direction for the department by making sure that firefighters are given the latest knowledge and skills to work in dangerous and life saving situations. They accomplish this by planning and overseeing department training that meets all state requirements, while also meeting National Pro Board Standards. The training section also facilitates regional fire departments with fire training required by the state. 

After completion of a 13 week fire academy, newly hired recruits attain Firefighter I and Hazmat Operations Pro Board Certifications.

All firefighters are given high quality and state of the art monthly training that maintains their national certifications and meets NFPA/ISO and National Registry Standards.

The Rapid City Fire Department provides EMS transport to the region and the training section facilitates ALS and BLS to meet the needs of not only the Rapid City community, but other services in the region. Some of the courses provided are ACLS, PALS, AMLS, PHTLS, and CPR.

All firefighters are required to become EMT's or Paramedics. The training section provides monthly education to help them maintain their national certifications. 

The training section has been educating Paramedics in our Paramedic Program since 2016. We have a fully accredited program that has produced 17 Paramedics with a 100% successful pass rate. For more information on the Paramedic Program, click here

The training section provides a Fire Officer Academy as well that prepares senior firefighters for further advancement within the Rapid City Fire Department. Upon completion of the Officer Academy, they leave with the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary in mentoring, managing, and leading other firefighters in the department. 

For any training needs, you can contact us through our e-mail by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training Instructors 

Harlan HunterBartling Mike

Section Chief Hunter Harlan       Captain Mike Bartling         


Reitz JasonPotter John

 Captain Jason Reitz                             Lt. John Potter

*Not pictured: EMS Educator - Matt Stroot 

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