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Install Home Fire Sprinklers

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Home fire sprinklers are the single most effective means to prevent death and injury from a fire. Sprinklers are especially important for those who cannot escape without assistance, those who may not hear the alarm when sleeping, or those with synthetic furnishings (foam, pressboard, plastic, nylon) in their home. Sprinklers are important for everyone!

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Fire Sprinklers are simple devices. When the direct, high heat of a fire touches the sprinkler, the plug falls out and water in the pipe is released. The water cools the fire and keeps it from spreading. This keeps the heat and the smoke levels low, giving people more time to escape. 

Only one sprinkler turns on at a time. Only the sprinkler activated by the direct, high heat of a fire turns on. Most fires are controlled by one sprinkler. If the fire is between two sprinklers, the heat may reach both at about the same time and activate both sprinklers. 

Smoke and alarms do not activate a fire sprinkler; only the direct, high heat of a fire. 

Home Fire Sprinklers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Can you spot the sprinklers in each of the photos below?

FLSD Sprinkler page Sprinkler collage for web fit your style

 Become involved by joining the South Dakota Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

You only have one or two minutes to escape a house with a fire. Learn more here

In a home fire you have less than three minutes to escape. Fire sprinklers can stop a fire in less than one and a half minutes.


Sprinkler Saves: Reporting on lives and property saved by fire sprinklers View fire sprinkler saves by state, by time of day, or by date. 

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Keep Your Smoke Alarms Working 

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Monica Colby is our Fire and Life Safety Specialist, working in the Fire and Life Safety Division of the Rapid City Fire Department.

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