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Fire is Fast

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In only 2 minutes a room on fire can be too hot and too full of poisons for you to escape. Everything in the room will be on fire in only 4 -7 minutes, on average, though it can happen in as little as 3 minutes. It takes 3 minutes from the start of a call to 9-1-1 for the firefighters to start driving to your location.

The amount of synthetics (things made from oils) in our homes has created a great environment for everyday use but a deadly one when a fire starts. Our durable carpets and couches, foam cushions, and electronics all contribute to a hot, fast, and poisonous fire. The single most effective tool to combat this modern fire once it starts is the old and trusted technology of home fire sprinklers.

Experience a real house fire with this 360 video from the New Zealand Fire Service. Use your mouse or turn your screen to look around the room. This is a normal, common house fire.

Schedule a presentation on sprinklers, smoke alarms, escape, cooking fires, or older adult fire & fall prevention by contacting Monica Colby at 605-394-5233 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Fire and Life Safety Division provides targeted education to improve the safety of our community. Our efforts aim to address the most common causes of fire using the most effective means of preventing fires and fire-related injuries, especially for those at highest risk of a fire-related injury.

Click on a topic below to learn more about fire safety.

Prevent Cooking Fires

Cooking is the leading cause of fire in Rapid City. The good news is it is easy to prevent a cooking fire and keep fires small once they’ve begun.  

Install Home Fire Sprinklers 

Home fire sprinklers are the single most effective means to prevent death and injury from a fire. Sprinklers are especially important for those who cannot escape without assistance, those who may not hear the alarm when sleeping, and those with synthetic furnishings in their home.

Teach Fire Safety to Others

Find fire safety lessons and resources for classrooms, homeschool, daycare, and preschool. Find business fire safety resources. Volunteer with us!

Stop Youth from Starting Fires 

While curiosity is a childhood trait, most youth do not play with fire and put themselves and those around them at risk. We can help you turn this curiosity away from dangerous fire-related behaviors.

Keep Your Smoke Alarms Working 

Working smoke alarms that will wake you are important. Alarms should be installed on every level of the home, outside every sleeping area, and in every bedroom. For earliest notification, alarms should be connected so that when one sounds they all sound.

Plan Your Escape 

Make sure everyone knows what to do when the alarm sounds and plan for those that will probably not escape on their own. 

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Monica Colby

Monica Colby is our Fire and Life Safety Specialist, working in the Fire and Life Safety Division of the Rapid City Fire Department.

[email protected]  605-394-5233 x6108

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