Fire and Life Safety Division

The Fire and Life Safety Division helps you stay safe from fire in the city - wherever you work, shop, worship, play, and sleep. We try to keep dangerous fires from starting. When that fails, we give you the best chance of getting to safety using fire sprinklers, fire alarms, education, and ensuring buildings are built and maintained to protect you during a fire.

We investigate the cause and origin of fires. We pay attention to why, where, and how often there are fires and related incidents to help us best use the resources we are provided.
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Two minutes after a fire starts, the room is often too hot to stand up in and too full of poison for your brain to think. In just another short minute the room can be full of fire. The rest of the building will fill with poisons and empty of oxygen. Learn how to protect the ones you love.
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Is your home at risk from a wildland fire? A few simple actions now can protect your home from outside fires. Click here for more information.
Wildfire Risk Assessment Map. See the risk of wildfire damaging your Rapid City home. This map is a work in progress with properties added every week. If your house doesn't have a rating yet, check back again soon.
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We need everyone's help to fight fire. Our fire fighters are highly trained professionals who will successfully stop a fire once they arrive. The community will be safer if everyone can escape a fire before we arrive and even safer if they never start a fire. Learn more about how you can help.
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Find information about burn permits, blasting permits, pyrotechnic permits, assembly planning, fire codes, local amendments, turnaround specifications, and more Click here for information on permits, planning, and code-related concerns.
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Fire and Life Safety Division
Rapid City Fire Department
Station 6 (lower level), 1930 Promise Road, Rapid City, SD 57701
Phone: (605) 394-5233 Fax: (605) 394-5235

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