Community Involvement and Fire Department Appearances

YMCA Appearance                              Station 4 Thank You           

The public outreach and community involvement by the Rapid City Fire Department continues to support every facet of our stated mission - ‘Prepare, Prevent, Protect”. Whether working with school children, local businesses, industry, or charitable programs, the Rapid City Fire Department remains committed to actively serving citizens in an effort to make our community a safe and secure place to live, work, and play.  While a significant amount of our service to the community is reactive in nature, community involvement provides an effective avenue for strengthening the ties between the Department and the people we serve.

As Rapid City continues to grow and establish itself as a vibrant Midwest community, the fire department will likely become busier and continue to establish itself as a regional resource for public safety. Our approach to the growth is to be a proactive organization focused on efforts that prevent the loss of life, property, and damage to the environment. We maintain this proactive approach through strategically planning for the future, having a shared vision or road map among our employees, and are committed to making Rapid City a safe place for people to live, work and play.

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