R&SVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program+



Ann Hines

Volunteer Coordinator: Lorann Berg

Main Office:

300 Sixth Street
Rapid City, SD 57701


The Black Hills Area Retired Senior Volunteer Program+ (RSVP+) is a nationwide, federally funded program through the Corporation of National Service. The federal grant has been sponsored by the City of Rapid City for more than 35 years. RSVP invites adults age 55 and over to put their life experience and skills to work solving problems close to home. Whether teaching children or adults to read, mentoring children, or delivering meals to home bound seniors, RSVP volunteers provide much-needed support to non-profit agencies, and are making their communities stronger. The "+" part of RSVP+ allows citizens of all ages to share in volunteering. RSVP+ is proud to be recognized as the port of entry for citizens to volunteer in Rapid City

Locally, more than 500 volunteers make up Rapid City’s RSVP+. These volunteers contribute more than 10,000 hours of community service each month to the Rapid City, Hot Springs, Hill City, Keystone, New Underwood, and Wall areas! We also serve Butte, Custer, Haakon, Harding, Jackson, Lawrence, Meade and Perkins counties. RSVP+ volunteers can be found all around the Black Hills & Northern/Southern Hills making a difference, sharing their experiences and defying the notion that age brings inactivity!

RSVP+ has no dues or association costs, whatsoever. However, as an RSVP+ volunteer, you’ll receive:

  • Supplemental accident and liability insurance;
  • Inclusion in all recognition events held each year;
  • Quarterly newsletters that keep you informed of all program activities;
  • The opportunity to use your experience and skills and the chance to learn something new; and
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference!

For more information on the Retired Senior Volunteer Program+,
contact us today at 333 6th Street, 394-2507.

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