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     Division Manager:  Kip Harrington
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         Rapid City, SD  57701
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The City of Rapid City is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and oversees transportation planning for the Rapid City Area MPO. The planning area encompasses a little more than 413 square miles and extends from Elk Creek in Meade County south to Spring Creek in Pennington County and from Hisega west of Rapid City to Caputa east of Rapid City. Transportation planning has played an important role in the overall growth of the metropolitan area, through the development of roads and highways for the safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation. This includes vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, truck routes and the railroad. A map of the MPO boundary is below. 

Transportation planning in this area includes the involvement of the City of Rapid City, the City of Box Elder, the City of Summerset, the City of Piedmont, Pennington County, Meade County, the Rapid City Area School District #51-4, the Meade County School District, Ellsworth Air Force Base, the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Association (FTA). This process results in the development of products and plans that assist in the overall development of the transportation planning process.

The MPO prepares a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) each year that identifies the transportation planning work tasks and the anticipated product or outcome from those tasks. The UPWP also identifies the funding, staffing and proposed project schedule.

The MPO also prepares an annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) used to identify the funding mechanism for transportation projects using federal dollars within the Rapid City Area MPO. The local jurisdictions working through the Rapid City Area MPO's Executive Policy Committee (EPC) determine how the area's transportation system is developed and expanded.

Staff Support
The Long Range Planning Division provides staff support to the MPO as well as three advisory committees that support MPO activities, including the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Technical Coordinating Committee and the Executive Policy Committee. 



pdf Rapid City Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 2022 Traffic Volume Report (1.58 MB)

  1. pdf 2024 Unified Planning Work Program Final (1.43 MB)
  2. pdf 2024 2027 Transportation Improvement Program Final Report Staff Memo (614 KB)
  3. pdf 2022 Rapid City Transit Development Plan Final Report (18.79 MB)
  4. pdf 2020 Rapid City Year End Population Estimate (403 KB)
  5. pdf RC Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 2020 Traffic Volume Counts Report (1.42 MB)
  6. pdf 2021 Unified Planning Work Program Final Report (1014 KB)
  7. pdf Metropolitan Transportation Plan Final Report (22.50 MB)
  8. pdf Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Final Report (34.49 MB)
  9. pdf Sixth Street Study Final Report (3 MB)
  10. pdf Southern Meade County East West Connector Corridor Study Final Report (23.96 MB)
  11. pdf 2021 2024 Transportation Improvement Program Final Report (3.65 MB)
  12. pdf Public Participation Plan Final Report (644 KB)
  13. pdf 2017 - 2019 Socio-economic Report (1.08 MB)
  14. pdf 2020 Unified Planning Work Program Final Report (694 KB)  
  15. pdf East Rapid City Traffic and Corridor Analysis Study Final Report (5.82 MB)
  16. pdf Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Transportation Plan Final Report (2.25 MB)
Special Planning Studies
  1. pdf The Rapid City Area MPO Transit Feasibility Study Final Report (4.85 MB)
  2. pdf I 90 Exit 61 to 67 Corridor Study Final Report (17.90 MB)
  3. pdf 2013-2017 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services  Transportation Plan (8.14 MB)
  4. pdf RapidTRIP 2035 - Long Range Transportation Plan (7.10 MB)
  5. pdf RapidTRIP 2035 - Long Range Transportation Plan Map (3.33 MB)  
  6. pdf RapidTRIP 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (20.92 MB)  
  7. pdf RapidTRIP 2040 Appendices  (34.32 MB)





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