Tax Increment Financing (1)

April 17, 2018 - 9:57 am

Tax Increment Financing

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July 15, 2019 - TIF Policy Discussions w/new Council members

  pdf Evaluation Chart Update (57 KB) - dated 7/12/2019

(The 19OA002 links below for the TIF Policy and Frequently Asked Questions are unchanged.)

You Are Invited!

New TIF Policy Brown Bag Roundtable Discussions

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - Noon to 1:00 p.m.
City/School Administration Center
City Council Chambers
300 Sixth Street - Rapid City, South Dakota

 Bring your lunch for this discussion to ask questions and provide input
on the proposed changes to the existing TIF Policy.
There will be no formal presentation.
(Coffee and water will be provided.)

If you have any questions, contact Patsy Horton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
(605) 394-4120 at the Rapid City Department of Community Development,
300 Sixth Street, Rapid City, SD 57701. 
Please email your written comments to Patsy by April 15, 2019.
The Policy, Evaluation Chart and Frequently Asked Questions are provided below under Item 19OA002.


March 7, 2019 Zoning Board of Adjustment and City of Rapid City Planning Commission Meeting

  pdf 19OA002 Staff Report (55 KB)
  pdf 19OA002 Ordinance Amending Chapter 3.26 (25 KB)
  pdf 19OA002 Resolution 2019-015 approving Tax Increment Financing Policy (27 KB)
  pdf Rapid City Tax Increment Financing Policy - Draft (729 KB)
  pdf Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tax Increment Financing Policy (120 KB)
  pdf TIF Evaluation Chart (31 KB)

January 17, 2019 Planning Commission & City Council Work Session

pdf TIF Policy draft (709 KB)
pdf FAQs on the proposed revised TIF policy (122 KB)
pdf TIF Evaluation Chart (89 KB)


October 30, 2018 Planning Commission & City Council Work Session

  pdf  Rapid City – Overview of TID Policy Changes October 30, 2018 (1.83 MB)

  pdf Sioux Falls TIF Presentation (1.28 MB)
Joint Planning Commission / City Council Work Session
October 24, 2018
SF TIF Pt 5 SF TIF Pt 6 SF TIF Pt 7  

pdf 4/24/18 Open House Questions/Comments (276 KB)
pdf Staff Response to Comments (51 KB)
pdf Rapid City Area Tax Increment Finance Policy - Draft 6/19/18
(1.06 MB)
pdf Rapid City Area Tax Increment Finance Policy  - Draft (1.39 MB) pdf
(1.06 MB)
pdf 2008 - 2017 Valuation Changes - Map (750 KB)

   1.    Application (available after policy adopted)
   2.    a)  pdf TIF Evaluation Chart 6/19/18 (48 KB)
          b)  pdf TIF Evaluation Chart (489 KB)
   3.    pdf Pro Forma Format (68 KB)
   4.    pdf Amortization Schedules (44 KB)
   5.    pdf Public Infrastructure Cost Estimate Form (17 KB)
   6.    pdf City's Project Book Worksheet For Cost Estimation (115 KB)
   7.    pdf Affordable and Workforce Housing Cost Maximums (38 KB)
   8.    pdf Single Family Residential Housing Cost Estimate Form (18 KB)
   9.    pdf Multi-Family Housing Pro Forma Format (147 KB)
  10.   pdf TID Project Plan, Amendment and Certification Flowchart (494 KB)
  11.   pdf Financing Requirements (30 KB)
  12.   pdf TID Certification Process (47 KB)
          a)   pdf Certification Checklist (38 KB)
          b)   pdf Certification Affidavit (40 KB)
          c)   pdf Certification Expenditure Tracking Submittal (90 KB)
  13.   City Website Links (
          a)   Plan Rapid City, Chapter 10, 11 and 12
          b)   Utility System Master Plan
          c)   CDBG Consolidated Plan / Annual Action Plan
          d)   Drainage Basin Plans
  14.   State Statute References
          a)   SDCL 5-18B - Procurement of Public Improvements
          b)   SDCL 11-9 - Tax Increment Financing


pdf Annual Summary of Active Tax Increment Financing Districts (27 KB)

Tax Increment District History

pdf Active Tax Increment Districts Map (1.40 MB)




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