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     Director:  Vicki Fisher
     Division Manager:  Vicki Fisher
     Main Office:
         300 Sixth Street
         Rapid City, SD  57701
     Telephone:  605-394-4120
     Fax :  605-394-6636

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The Current Planning Division assists in the administration, leadership, management, and quality control of current planning development applications, which guides the physical development of the City.  The Division provides local officials, developers, engineers and others with information and assistance regarding comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations and other ordinance requirements and their application to specific development proposals.  The Division provides support and administration for the functions and agendas of the Planning Commission. It is the goal of this Division to develop partnerships and strong working relationships with other departments, elected and appointed officials and the public to attain excellent customer service.

Ordinance Amendments

Submittal Deadline Information

pdf 2023 Submittal Calendar (131 KB)

pdf 2023 Development Application Submittal Deadline (60 KB)

2022 Submittal Calendar 

2022 Development Application Submittal Deadline 

Development Applications

pdf Appointment of Authorized Representative to Sign Development Application - Single (175 KB)

pdf Appointment of Authorized Representative to Sign Development Application - Multiple (179 KB)

pdf Appointment of Authorized Representative to Sign Development Application - Corporate (176 KB)

pdf Affidavit of Authority to Sign on Behalf of Entity (9 KB)

pdf Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) (73 KB)

pdf Annexation Procedures (49 KB)

pdf Child Care Center (18 KB)

pdf Comprehensive Plan Amendment (37 KB)

pdf Conditional Use Permit (57 KB)

pdf Conditional Use Permit - Minimal Amendment (65 KB)

pdf De-Annexation (54 KB)  

pdf De-Annexation Reference and Resolution (259 KB)

pdf Development Application (183 KB)

pdf Elevation Certificate (1.58 MB)

pdf Family Day Care (240 KB)

pdf Historic Preservation 11.1 Review (449 KB)

pdf Home Occupation Certificate (18 KB)

pdf Medical Cannabis Provisional Zoning Compliance Letter Application (671 KB)

pdf Planned Development Designation Procedure* (52 KB)

pdf Planned Development - Initial* (74 KB)

pdf Planned Development Final - Major Amendment* (61 KB)

pdf Planned Development - Minimal Amendment* (65 KB)

pdf Plat - Layout Plan (58 KB)

pdf Plat - Preliminary Subdivision Plan (55 KB)

pdf Plat - Development Engineering Plans (57 KB)

pdf Plat - Final (298 KB)

pdf Plat - Minor (165 KB)

pdf Plat - Lot Line Adjustment or Consolidation (164 KB)

pdf Plat - H Lot (36 KB)

pdf Plat - Transfer (359 KB)

pdf Rapid City Stormwater Quality Manual (5.74 MB)

pdf Rezoning Procedure (53 KB)

pdf Sidewalk Cafe Regulations (233 KB)

pdf Sidewalk Cafe Procedure and Application (145 KB)

pdf Sidewalk Vendor Regulations (332 KB)

pdf Subdivision Improvements Estimate (12 KB)

pdf Tax Increment Checklist (13 KB)

pdf Tax Increment Financing Application (94 KB)

pdf Tax Increment Financing Guide (194 KB)

pdf Vacation of Easement (119 KB)

pdf Vacation of Right-of-Way/Vacation of Section Line Highway Procedure (110 KB)

pdf Variance (100 KB)

pdf Zoning District Administrative Exception (175 KB)

*These applications require a site plan to be filed with the application.  If you have questions on creating a sample site plan please contact Community Planning and Development Services.

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