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Code Enforcement Division



Vicki Fisher



John Olson

Main Office:

300 Sixth Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

300 Sixth Street
Rapid City, SD 57701


Phone: 605-355-3465   

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Office Hours:

7:30 am - 4:00 pm M-F

Mission Statement:

To assist in the administration and enforcement of City Ordinances, as related to public health and safety.

Personnel - Full-Time Employees (FTEs):

John Olson - Division Manager

Clayton McClain - Code Officer

Connie Hansen - Code Officer

Oneil Baker - Code Officer


 Code Enforcement Division

The City of Rapid City is committed to keeping Rapid City a safe and prosperous place for all the citizens and visitors. The Code Enforcement Ordinance Officers are under the direction of the Community Development Director. The mission of Code Enforcement is assist in the administration and enforcement of City Ordinances, as related to public health and safety. Ordinance Officers respond to complaints registered by citizens, Mayor, City Council, or other City Officials. If an Ordinance Officer observes violations they may initiate the enforcement action rather than waiting for a complaint to be filed.

During site inspections Ordinance Officers record violations on the subject property. Once an inspection action is commenced the Ordinance Officer will attempt to make person-to-person contact with the tenant and/or owner of the property and if necessary start the legal notification process. Failure to have the property brought into compliance can result in the City taking further action to correct the violations and assess the cost to the property owner.

The Code Enforcement Office assists in the administration and enforcement of city ordinances as pertaining to the Sign Code. Off premise signage is regulated for size, location, animation, permitting, licensing and compliance with Rapid City Sign Code. Currently there are approximately 204 off premise signs and billboards in Rapid City that are regulated. The cost to register a sign is $75 and each sign is registered on an annual basis.

Vacant/Foreclosed Property Registration

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  • To register a property, click on "apply" under the Permits section.

How to file a complaint

Code and Ordinance References

Reference Guide to Rapid City Codes

  • Grass and Weeds 8.28.020: Properties need to be maintained throughout the growing season.  All grass and weeds having reached a height greater than 8 inches can be declared a nuisance.
  • Junk/ Unlicensed Vehicles 10.56.020: All abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, junk, partially dismantled, or unlicensed motor vehicles must be sorted within an enclosed building or removed from the property.
  • Dead Trees 12.32.100: The city shall have the right to inspect and cause the removal of any dead or diseased trees on private property within the city if such trees constitute a hazard to life or property or harbor pests which constitute a threat to other trees within the city.
  • Overhanging branches 12.32.130: All bushes/shrubs/trees overhanging any city sidewalk shall be kept trimmed so that the space between said sidewalk and the lowest branch overhanging said sidewalk is not less than 7 feet...and the lowest branch overhanging said street and alley is not less than 11 feet.
  • Nuisances 8.16.010: Rubbish, building materials, lumber, vehicle parts, appliances, yard waste, yard equipment, noxious matter, and other debris not normally associated with residential areas are considered nuisances and must be stored in an enclosed structure or removed from the property.
  • Snow Issues 12.20.090: The Rapid City municipal code states it shall be the duty of the owner or person in possession or in charge of any lot, parcel, or plot of ground fronting or abutting upon any sidewalk to keep such sidewalk free of snow and ice at all times.
  • Sight Tri-angle issues 17.50.335: Intersections shall have a sight triangle based on the speed limits of the adjoining access-ways that is between two and one-half (2 1/2) feel and ten (10) feet above the edge of the roadway.

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