Building Services



     Director:  Vicki Fisher
     Division Manager:  Curt Bechtel
     Main Office:
         300 Sixth Street
         Rapid City, SD  57701
     Telephone:  605-394-4120
     Fax :  605-394-6636

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The Building Services Division administers the programs and functions related to building and development in Rapid City, including plans examination, building code enforcement, building permitting and inspections, air quality permitting, and staff support for the Building Code Board of Appeals and Air Quality Board.

 eTRAKIT Online Permitting

Building and Municipal Codes






 Building Permit Forms

  pdf Affidavit for Roofing - Ice Shield (73 KB)

  pdf Building Permit Application (79 KB)

  pdf Commercial Building Permit Application Checklist (58 KB)

  pdf Mobile Home Installation Permit (88 KB)

   pdf Erosion and Sediment Control Measures (Transfer of Responsibility) (88 KB)

  pdf Erosion and Sediment Control Permit (91 KB)

  pdf Expansive Soils Affidavit (84 KB)

  pdf Floodplain Development Permit (141 KB)

  pdf Grading Permit (90 KB)

  pdf Demolition Permit (78 KB)

pdf Moving Permit (79 KB)

  pdf Sidewalk Construction Permit (119 KB)

  pdf Sidewalk Variance Request (18 KB)

  pdf Sign Permit Application Worksheet (85 KB)

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