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2023 09 25 Air Quality Board Agenda

Rapid City Area Air Quality Board
Meeting Agenda
Monday, September 25, 2023 – 12:00 p.m.
Electronically via Zoom

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Meeting ID (access code): 859 0110 9382
Meeting passcode: 390467

 To join by phone, dial any of these numbers to connect:
(720) 9707-2699 United States Toll
(253) 215-8782 United States Toll
(646) 558-8656 United States Toll

  1. Call to Order
  1. Approval of  June 26, 2023 Minutes
  1. Approval of Meeting Agenda
  1. Reports from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Staff and Committee
    1.   pdf Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Air Quality Report (221 KB)
    2.   pdf Rapid City Air Quality Report (information only) (54 KB)
  1. Old Business

            a. None      

  1. New Business
    1.   pdf DANR Pass-Through Agreement (722 KB)
    2.   pdf New Appointments (432 KB)
    3. Election of Officers
  1. Items from Board Members
  1. Items from the Floor
  1. Adjournment
  1. Future Meetings: December 11, 2023

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