Air Quality Parking and Storage

No person shall place any street deicing and traction materials upon any road, highway, driveway, or parking lot to which the public has general access which does not meet the following requirements: 1) A durability or hardness as defined in Mohs scale of greater than 6 for 70% of the material used; 2) No more than 3% of the total particle material content by weight may be smaller than 200 sieve. For street deicing and traction materials, these criteria apply only to the material prior to the addition of salt or chemicals.

A Parking/Storage Area Permit is required for the use and maintenance of unpaved gravel and/or storage lots, one acre or more in size. Gravel parking and/or storage lots need to be maintained in such a manner that eliminates or reduces fugitive dust due to traffic or wind erosion. Control measures are also required to prevent trackout from an unpaved area to a paved right-of-way or parking lot. Materials that are tracked onto a paved surface become reentrained into the air through traffic and/or wind erosion.

Anyone obtaining a Parking/Storage Area Permit within the Air Quality Control Zone must follow Pennington County Ordinance No. 12 and/or Rapid City Municipal Code Chapter 8.34. The purpose of these ordinances is to provide for a program of fugitive emissions control by applying reasonably available control technology.

Permit Applications & Fees

The permit fee for unpaved parking and/or storage lots is $100. Parking/Storage Area Permits are valid for three years following approval. The fee is payable to the City of Rapid City and shall be collected by the Finance Department from the applicant after being notified by the Air Quality Division that the application has been processed and is ready to be signed for and picked up at the Building Permits counter. Permits obtained for the City of Rapid City and Pennington County are exempt from fees.

pdf Air Quality Parking/Storage Area Permit Instructions & Application (98 KB)


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