Air Quality Construction Permit Application

An Air Quality Construction Permit is needed for any temporary activity, which involves the removal or alteration of the natural or preexisting cover of one acre or more of land. Construction activities shall include but not be limited to stripping of topsoil, drilling, blasting, excavation, dredging, ditching, grading, street maintenance and repair, or earth moving. Anyone obtaining a construction permit to work within the Air Quality Control Zone must follow Pennington County Ordinance No. 12 and/or Rapid City Municipal Code Chapter 8.34.

  • The geographical portion of Pennington County, South Dakota, that encompasses the northwest corner of Section 15, Township 2N, Range 6E to the northeast corner of Section 14, Township 2N, Range 8E, to the southeast corner of Section 35, Township 1N, Range 8E to the southwest corner of Section 34, Township 1N, Range 6E, to the northwest corner of Section 15, Township 2N, Range 6E and those portions of Sections 10, 11 and 12 of Township 2N, Range 6E, Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Township 2N, Range 7E, Sections 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of Township 2N, Range 8E, BHM lying within Pennington County and subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners of Pennington County, South Dakota excluding that portion located within the city limits of the City of Box Elder.
  •  Air Quality Control Zone Map

The purpose of these ordinances is to provide for a program of fugitive emissions control by applying reasonably available control technology. A permit must be resubmitted if there is an increase in the area to be disturbed, if there is a change in site operations, or renewed if the project will not be completed within the one year time frame for which the original permit was issued. 

The fee for projects involving disturbance of 1-5 acres is $150. The fee for projects greater than 5 acres is $200. The fee is payable to the City of Rapid City and shall be collected by the Finance Department from the applicant after being notified by the Air Quality Division that the application has been processed and is ready to be signed for and picked up at the Building Permits counter. A site map must be submitted with the permit application. If there is no site plan at the time a permit is submitted, a site map can be made by using the interactive mapping application called RapidMap.

pdf Air Quality Construction Permit Instructions & Application (162 KB)

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