The Monument & School Common Energy Plant

Governing Authority:
The Energy Plant is operated in accordance with the “AGREEMENT FOR JOINT OPERATIONS AND USE OF JOINT ENERGY PLANT” between the City of Rapid City and the Rapid City Area School District . The Energy Plant Manager is accountable to the Energy Plant Operating Board.

The cost of operations is divided between The Monument and the Rapid City Area Schools. The City of Rapid City carries out the day-to-day personnel and finance functions.

To continuously monitor and control the building systems for the buildings tied into the Energy Plant facility management system to help maximize energy cost savings while insuring the comfort and safety of the building occupants, and to help protect the capital investment in those buildings. Maintain the equipment and systems at the Energy Plant to insure continuous reliability and efficiency.

The Energy Plant employs 6-8 full and part-time people to staff and maintain the Energy Plant operation.

Energy Plant Manager:

Chris Catlette
This is a professional engineering position that oversees the Energy Plant operation and staff, and consults with other departments on building systems and energy related issues.

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