Community Development FAQ's

A building permit is required for all structural development in Rapid City.  In addition, a building permit is required when the use of a structure and/or property changes to ensure that all building and fire code(s) are being met as well as to ensure that adequate parking is being provided for the use.  A building permit worksheet can be found pdf here (79 KB) .   Please note that a shed of 120 square foot shed or smaller does not require a building permit.  However, the shed cannot be located within a required setback or within an easement. 

All property within Rapid City is zoned a specific zoning designation.  The zoning of a property can be found at Rapid Map.  Chapter 17 of the Rapid City Municipal Code identifies the permitted and conditional uses within each zoning district.  A copy of Chapter 17 can be found here.  All conditional uses require the review and approval of a Conditional Use Permit by the Rapid City Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission’s decision is final unless appealed to the City Council within 7 calendar days.  The application, procedure sheet and checklist for a Conditional Use Permit can be found pdf here (178 KB) .

All development applications (i.e. Conditional Use Permits, Planned Developments, Rezoning, Vacation of right-of-way and/or easements, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, etc.)  must be submitted to the Current Planning Division of the Department of Community Development.  The procedures sheets, applications and checklist of all development applications can be found here

Chapter 16 of the Rapid City Municipal Code identifies the procedures and regulations for the subdivision of property within the City limits of Rapid City and within three miles of the City limits.  Chapter 16 can be found here

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