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2020, 09/01 Public Works Committee Meeting

Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

Adoption of the Agenda

General Public Comment

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A time for members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Committee on any issue, not limited to items on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Council members present.

CONSENT ITEMS – Items 1 – 9

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Remove Items from the “Consent Items” and Vote on Remaining Consent Items

1) Approve minutes of August 11, 2020.


2) PW090120-10: Confirm the appointment of Jeremy Altman to the Historic Preservation Commission



3) PW090120-01: Approve change order 1F to Simon Contractors of SD. Inc. for East St. Cloud Inlay, Project #2531/CIP NO.51236 for a decrease of $3,649.95.
4) PW090120-02: Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign an Agreement between the City of Rapid and West Plains Inc. for Design and Bidding for Well 5 and Well 9 Professional Services, Project No. 20-2600 / CIP No. 51302, in the amount of $27,195.00.
5) PW090120-03: Approve and Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to sign Amendment Number 1 with Ferber Engineering, Inc. for the Flormann Street Water Main Replacement Project, Mt Rushmore Road to Apollo Circle, Project No. 19-2512 /CIP 51235, in the amount of $10,643.80.
6) PW090120-04: Approve and Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to sign Professional Services Agreement with Ferber Engineering Company, Inc. for the St. Andrew Street East of Palo Verde Drive- Street Reconstruction and Utility Project, Project No. 20-2604 / CIP 51260, in the amount of $78,110.00.
7) PW090120-05: Approve Correction to Award Recommendation 5th Street Panel Repair Project, Project No. 19-2533 / CIP No. 50445, awarded at the July 6, 2020 Council Meeting to the lowest responsible bidder, J.V. Bailey Co. Inc. in the amount of $226,350.50. The funding originally awarded was incorrect and should be 101/301 and 604/833. Bids were opened on June 30, 2020.
8) PW090120-08: Request from Kimberly and Shane Geidel (the property owners) for a Variance to Waive the Requirement to Install Sidewalk, per City Ordinance 16.16.050, along Bradsky Road which is the west frontage of their property located at 23410 Bradsky Road.
Staff Recommendation: APPROVE


9) PW090120-06: Authorize Mayor And Finance Officer To Sign 2021-2023 Title VI Program Plan As Required by FTA To Receive Federal Transit Grant Funds


NON-CONSENT ITEMS – Item 10 - 15

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10) 20CA001: Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Revise the Rapid City Future Land Use Plan - A request by City of Rapid City to consider an application for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Revise the Rapid City Future Land Use Plan
11) 20TP025: Acknowledge the 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program - Final Report
12) 20TP029: Approve the Sixth Street Corridor Study – Draft Report
13) 20TP030: Approve the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program Amendment # 20-004



14) PW090120-07: Appeal by Lloyd Companies of a stipulation to extend public water main as part of an Exception Request approval.
Staff Recommendation: DENY

15) PW090120-09: Invitation To City Council Members to Tour Solid Waste Facility
Staff Recommendation: ACKNOWLEDGE


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