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2020, 09/16 Legal and Finance Committee Agenda


City of Rapid City, South Dakota

12:30 P.M., September 16, 2020

Council Chambers, City Administration Center, 300 6th Street




A time for the members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Council on any issue not on the agenda.  Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Council members present.

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CONSENT ITEMS -- Items 1 – 14 

Public Comment opened – Items 1 – 14 

Public Comment closed

Remove Items from the “Consent Items” and Vote on Remaining Consent Items

1)         Approve Minutes for September 2, 2020


2)         LF091620-03 – Confirm the Appointment of Dustin Dale to the Rapid City Regional Airport Board of Directors

3)         LF091620-05 – Confirm the Reappointment of Karen Bulman, John Herr, Eirik Heikes and Vince Vidal to the Planning Commission

4)         LF091620-06 – Confirm the Reappointment of Jamie Toennies to the Community Investment Committee

5)         LF091620-11 – Authorize the Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding Between the City of Rapid City and the Mniluzahan Okolakiciyapi Ambassadors (MOA) to Create a Public-Private Partnership to Continue the Work Begun by Both MOA and the Former Human Relations Commission


6)         Acknowledge the Following Volunteers for Worker’s Compensation Purposes: Rapid City Youth Council/Common Council: Kristin Kiner (Parks Department), Dusty Kiner (Parks Department), Sean Binder (Parks Department), Grace Bradley (Parks Department), Hannah Churchill (Parks Department), Lance Lehmann (Parks Department), Rylan Barnett (Parks Department), Carrie Churchill (Parks Department), Jeff Churchill (Parks Department), Cathy Thrash (Parks Department), Amanda Hill (Parks Department), Tim Caron (Parks Department), Jordyn Kokesh (Parks Department), Lysann Zeller (Parks Department), Bailey Suhl (Parks Department), Kelli Suhl (Parks Department), Darla Drew (Parks Department), Genesis Matthews (Parks Department), Alan Anderson (Parks Department); Central High School Girls Basketball Team: Jessalyn Noyes (Parks Department), Jaylee Noyes (Parks Department), Jim Noyes (Parks Department), Presley McCamly (Parks Department), Beth Young (Parks Department), Adriana Young (Parks Department), Laura Roybal (Parks Department), Fil Roybal (Parks Department), Leila Roybal (Parks Department), Scott Nelson (Parks Department), Lindsey Nelson (Parks Department), Tia Jiron (Parks Department), Teila Jiron (Parks Department), Allan Bertram (Parks Department)

7)         Set a Special Council Meeting for December 28, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. to Pay the Final Bills of the Year

8)         LF091620-04 – Approve Resolution No. 2020-070 a Resolution Cancelling Checks or Warrants Not Presented for Payment within One Year of Date of Issuance

9)         LF091620-07 – Authorize the Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign Loan Documentation with Black Hills Community Bank for Executive Golf Course Division Equipment

10)       LF091620-09 – Approve Resolution No. 2020-074 a Resolution Levying Assessment for Abatement of Nuisances

11)       LF091620-10 – Acknowledge July 2020 Sales Tax Report


12)       LF091620-01 – Authorize the Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign FY20 Youth & Family Services, Inc. Contract and Indentures of Restrictive Covenants

13)       LF091620-02 – Authorize the Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign the State of South Dakota Agreement/Letter of Agreement for the Air Quality Program

14)       LF091620-08 – Authorize the Mayor and Finance Officer to Sign the Community Development Block Grant/Neighborhood Lift Contract for Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity and Indenture of Restrictive Covenants, Quit Claim Deed, Mortgage, Promissory Note and Associated Documents


NON-CONSENT ITEMS – Items 15 – 16   

Public Comment opened – Items 15 – 16

Public Comment closed


15)       LF090220-06 – Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 6440 Regarding Supplemental Appropriation 6 for 2020


16)       20OA007 – Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 6439 an Ordinance Amendment to Amend Fence Height Provisions by Amending Section 17.50.340 of the Rapid City Municipal Code


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