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ADA Compliance: The City of Rapid City fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the City Finance Office 24 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.
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2016, 07/13 Legal and Finance Committee Agenda




A time for the members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Council on any issue not on the agenda.  Action will not be taken at the meeting on any issue not on the agenda, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Council members present.

CONSENT ITEMS -- Items 1 – 8 

Public Comment opened – Items 1 – 8 

Public Comment closed

Remove Items from the “Consent Items” and Vote on Remaining Consent Items

1)         Approve Minutes for June 29, 2016


2)         Acknowledge the Following Volunteers for Worker’s Compensation Purposes: Dennis Lyons, Craig Groseth, Brent Kertzman, Kari Bortnem, Jason Kadletz, Shawntera Kennedy, Corey Kennedy, Lisa Ricci, Matt Reed, Josh Dailey, Si Kent, Dave Kent, Dave Grundstrom, Stephanie Kirchgesler, Luke Anderson, Kent Jacobs, Seth Keene, Mike Maybee, and Melvin Prairiechicken.

3)         LF071316-02 – Acknowledge Annual Reports to Council per Rapid City Municipal Code 2.40.080 and 3.28.040(B)

4)         LF071316-03 – Acknowledge Report on Retail (on-off sale) Malt Beverage Licenses Eligible for Video Lottery

5)         LF071316-04 – Resolution No. 2016-050A Resolution Fixing Time and Place for Hearing on Assessment Roll for a Business Improvement District 2016

6)         LF071316-05 – Resolution No. 2016-052 Resolution Declaring Miscellaneous Personal Property Surplus

7)         LF071316-08 – Award Contract to Ketel Thorstensen to Perform Audit of the Financial Statements of the City of Rapid City for Calendar Years 2016, 2017 and 2018


8)         LF071316-01 – Resolution No. 2016-049 to Increase Solid Waste Clerk From .625% to One Full Time Employee


NON-CONSENT ITEMS – Items 9 – 12    

Public Comment opened – Items 9 – 12  

Public Comment closed


9)         No. 16CA002 – Approve a Request by City of Rapid City for Rapid City Arts Council to Consider an Application for an Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan by adopting the Experience Rapid City Cultural Plan (Draft) (continued from the June 15, 2016, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)

10)       No. 16TI003 – Highway 16 Sewer - A request by Kent Hagg for Alta Terra Development to consider an application to Amend Project Plan for Tax Increment District No. 70 - Highway 16 Sewer for property generally described as being located Catron Boulevard from 5th Street to South U.S. Highway 16, then south along U.S. Highway 16 to Sammis Trail and east to the proposed Hyland Crossing Subdivision (continued from the June 15, 2016, Legal and Finance Committee meeting)


11)       LF071316-06 – Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 6132, an Ordinance to Modify the Procedure for Approval of Vision Account Projects by Amending Section 3.16.090 of the Rapid City Municipal Code

12)       LF071316-07 – Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 6133, an Ordinance to Update the Contracting Authority Delegated to Department Directors by Amending Section 3.04.090 of the Rapid City Municipal Code