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2021 07 07 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

Wednesday, July 7 / 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
3rd Floor Conference Room/WebEx
City Administration Building
300 Sixth Street

To join the WebEx meeting, go to
Meeting number (access code): 182 899 8910
Meeting password: J9gdM3ihWV2 (59436344 from phones and video systems)
To join by phone +1-415-655-0001 US Toll 
The City Of Rapid City encourages written submission of public comment by email to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Committee members are reminded that members are subject to SDCL 3-23 (Disclosure Laws) which address the disclosure of any conflicts of interest a member may have regarding direct benefit from any item for the committee’s consideration. Members should report any potential conflicts to the committee chair.

Call To Order

General Public Comments

Approval of Meeting Agenda

New Business

  • Comment on the Revised Project proposed for 630 Saint Joseph Street. Continued from June 23 and June 9, 2021 Meeting.

Applicant: Brad Hoag, Pella Windows for Ron Bazak (Lakota Building LLC)

File Number: 21CM002

  1.   pdf Revised Project Specifications (508 KB)
  2.   pdf Revised Notice Form (232 KB)
  • The Case Report continued from the June 9, 2021 meeting is withdrawn unless the SHPO requests a Case Report for the Revised Project proposal, changing the locating of the proposed window replacements to the non-primary façade. (See item #1). Continued from June 9 and June 23, 2021 Meetings.

Applicant: Brad Hoag, Pella Windows for Ron Bazak (Lakota Building LLC)

File Number: 21CM002

  1.   pdf Aerial Map (2.88 MB)
  2.   pdf Revised Project Information (4.14 MB)
  3.   pdf SHPO Comments (409 KB)
  4.   pdf Case Report (189 KB)
  5.   pdf Case Report Attachment (86 KB)
  6.   pdf Staff Memo (44 KB)

Action Requested, if not withdrawn: Comment on the revised project proposal. Agree with, disagree with, or decline to comment on the Case Report. Additionally, provide any other comments on the proposed project.

Old Business

  • Discuss 2020-2021 CLG Grant Projects

Acknowledge 11.1 Reviews: June 16 – July 1, 2021

  • In Progress: 1116 9th Street

Approval of the pdf June 23, 2021 (212 KB) meeting minutes


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