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2020 07 22 Historic Preservation Commission


Wednesday, July 22 / 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

This meeting will be held in person in the 3rd Floor West Conference Room, 300 Sixth Street, Rapid City, SD, 57701, with spacing to accommodate physical distancing.

A remote session via a WebEX meeting is also available:

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Meeting ID Number (access code): 126 459 9703

Meeting password: BBifD2iXS52 (web); 22433249 (phones and video system)

The City Of Rapid City encourages written submission of public comment by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Committee members are reminded that members are subject to SDCL 3-23 (Disclosure Laws) which address the disclosure of any conflicts of interest a member may have regarding direct benefit from any item for the committee’s consideration. Members should report any potential conflicts to the committee chair.

Call To Order

General Public Comments

Approval of Meeting Agenda

New Business

  1. Comment/Approve Final Deliverables for Phase II of the Preservation Plan Update.
    1.   pdf Phase II Community Meeting Summary (74 KB)
    2.   pdf Phase II Themes Document (295 KB)
    3.   pdf Phase II Representative Types (177 KB)
    4.   pdf Phase II Maps (7.24 MB)
  2. Review/Approve Scope of Work for Phase III of the Preservation Plan Update.
    1.   pdf Phase III Proposal (321 KB)

Old Business

  1. None

11.1 Reviews: December 5, 2019 – July 15, 2019

  • 1305 11th Street is a contributing structure in the West Boulevard Historic District. The applicant requests a building permit to replace one historic window on the north (non-primary) façade. The window is located on the shower wall of the bathroom. The project involves removing the sash and infilling glass block in order to mitigate moisture infiltration and provide privacy. The original frame, sill, pocket weights, etc. will be retained and the original sash will be stored on the property. The City and SHPO concurred no adverse effect on 6/10/20 given the window’s location. 20RS007/CIHR20-0009.
  • 905 Fulton Street is a contributing structure in the West Boulevard Historic District. The applicant requested a building permit to alter the front staircase and railing. The wood staircase will be removed and replaced with a concrete staircase that is about 3 feet wider and 3 feet longer. The concrete will be covered in river stone, masonry, or slate similar to other properties on the block. The handrail will be a metal railing in a similar design to the current railing. City and SHPO determined no adverse effect on 6/17/20. 20RS008/CIHR20-0010
  • 815 West Boulevard is a contributing structure in the West Boulevard Historic District. A permit was requested to remove the existing mix of asphalt shingles and wood shakes and replace with all matching asphalt architectural shingles. City and SHPO determined no adverse effect on 6/18/20. 20RS009/CIHR20-0011
  • 1819 West Boulevard is a non-contributing structure in the West Boulevard Historic District. A permit was request to make several exterior alterations to the structure. The application was approved with stipulations. The following scope of work was approved in so as to not cause adverse effect to the historic district. 1) Replace matching set of historic windows on the north and south side of the structure to fit existing openings and have similar transom design but no divided lites. New windows will be wood. 2) Construct roofed patio coverings on the north south side of the house to cover entrances. Roofing material will be asphalt. 3) Replace a historic arched window on the north side of the house with a rectangular window that is similar to other replaced windows on the house. 4) Replace a non-historic door on the south side of the house; 5) Replace hardboard siding on portions of the house, and/or eventually all of the house with shake style siding. Shake style siding was original to the house. 6) Install decorative sconces. 7/14/20. 20RS006/CIHR20-0013

Approval of Minutes

  1. Approval of the pdf May 13, 2020 meeting minutes (109 KB)


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