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2021, 07/28 Working Session Agenda


City of Rapid City, South Dakota

12:30 P.M., July 28, 2021

Council Chambers, City Administration Center, 300 6th Street

Call to Order

At this meeting, we anticipate that a quorum will be present, and issues requiring official action will be considered and discussed, but there will be no official action or voting at this meeting.


1)      WS072821-22: Presentation on Ordinance No. 6456, an Ordinance to Amend and Adopt Provisions of the Rapid City Municipal Code Relating to Animals in Title 6



2)      WS072821-19: Consider Taking Item to Approve COVID Hazard Pay for First Responders (Police and Fire) off the Table and Discussion Regarding the Payment of Hazard Pay or a COVID Bonus to City Employees

3)      WS072821-20: Discussion about Forming a Committee to Review the City’s Ordinances and Policies on the Issuance of Video Lottery Licenses and Direction to the City Staff Regarding the Issuance of the Six Additional Video Lottery Licenses the City Council has authorized

4)      WS072821-21: Discussion Regarding Council Working Sessions Including a Discussion of whether the Sessions should continue or if the Council should go back to the Previous Committee Structure

CONSENT ITEMS  Items 5 - 25


5)      WS072821-06: Approve Resolution No. 2021-070 a Resolution Writing Off Uncollectable Ambulance Billing Accounts

6)      WS072821-17: Authorize Staff to Remount Ambulance Patient Care Compartment to a 2022 Ford E450 Chassis in the Amount of $100,981.00 due to an Accident in which the Chassis was Totaled by Travelers Insurance


7)      WS072821-18: Authorize Staff to Apply for and Accept if Awarded, the 2021 JAG Grant Totaling $107,517.00 to be Allocated Towards Salary and Benefits of One FTE Detective for 18 Months


8)      WS072821-14: Approve Resolution No. 2021-040 a Resolution of Intent to Enter into a Lease with Rapid City Midget Football Association, Inc. for property located at 1615 Sedivy Lane

9)      WS072821-15: Approve Resolution No. 2021-072 a Resolution of Intent to Enter into a Lease with Rushmore Hockey and Skating Association for property located at 235 Waterloo Street, Rapid City, SD

10)    WS072821-16: Approve Resolution No. 2021-073 a Resolution of Intent to Enter into a Lease with Black Hills Figure Skating Club for property located at 235 Waterloo Street, Rapid City, SD


11)     Acknowledge the Following Volunteers for Worker’s Compensation Purposes: Michael A. Bay (RCPD Auxiliary Program), Breanna Lee Hawkins (Police Department) RSVP Volunteers: Orin Bader, William Bosch, Gary Goodrich, Karen Greetis, Janeen Larsen, Linda Lester, Charles (Mike) Madler, Larry Miller, Donald Petersen, Robin Pladson, Gary Renner, Jon Veltman, Betty Weyrauch

12)     WS072821-07: Approve Resolution No. 2021-065B a Resolution Levying Assessment for Downtown Business Improvement District 2021

13)     WS072821-08: Acknowledge June 2021 General Fund Cash Balance Report

PUBLIC WORKS (14 – 23)

14)     WS072821-01: Approve change Order 3F to Tru-Form Construction for 2020 ADA Project, Project #2602/CIP 50761 for an Increase of $12,432.81

15)     WS072821-02: Authorize Mayor and Finance Officer to Enter Into the First Amendment to Agreement with Kent and Karin Hagg for Reimbursement of Expenses Related to Regency Ct. Storm Sewer and Slope Repair

16)     WS072821-03: Approve Change Order 1 to RCS Construction for Regency Court Storm Sewer Improvement, Project 20-2599 / CIP 51301 for an Increase of $20,660.28, Contingent Upon Approval of Item WS072821-02

17)     WS072821-04: Authorize Staff to Advertise Bids for Tower Road Stabilization Project, Project No. 19-2537/ CIP No. 51254 in the amount of $200,000.00

18)     WS072821-05: Authorized Mayor and Finance Director to Sign Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement between the City of Rapid City and Ferber Engineering Company for Professional Engineering Services for FEMA LOMR – Southeast and Truck Bypass Drainages, Project No. 20-2569, CIP No. 51275 in the amount of $59,120.00

19)     WS072821-09: Approve Change Order 1F to Askland Ditching for Milwaukee Street Water Line Extension – E Watertown Street, Project #21-2652/CIP 51328 for a Decrease of $602.20

20)     WS072821-10: Approve Change Order 1 to Underground Construction LLC for St Andrew Street East of Palo Verde Dr Reconstruction and Utility Project, Project #21-2604/CIP 51260 for an increase of $10,206.00

21)     WS072821-11: Authorize Staff to Purchase One (1) New S76 T4 Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Through the Sourcewell Cooperative Contract #040319-CEC with Clark Equipment in the Amount of $51,074.36

22)     WS072821-12: Authorize the Mayor and Finance Director to Sign an Infill Agreement between the City of Rapid City and Lazy P6 Land Company for the Construction of Public Improvements and Acceptance of H-Lots

23)     WS072821-13: Authorize Staff to Advertise for Bids 2021 Roof Replacement Project No. 21-2654 CIP No. 50098


24)     WS072821-18: Authorize Mayor and Finance Director to Sign Amended Community Development Block Grant FY21 SF-424Y21

25)     21CA002 - A request by Longbranch Civil Engineering, Inc. for Doeck, LLC to Consider an Application for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Allow for the New Alignment of Bunker Drive Located at the Western Terminus of Coal Bank Drive



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