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2021, 01/13 Council Working Session


At this meeting, we anticipate that a quorum will be present, and issues requiring official action will be considered and discussed, but there will be no official action or voting at this meeting.


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DISCUSSION ITEMS (Council Non-Consent Calendar)

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REGULAR BUSINESS ITEMS (Council Consent Calendar)

1) WS011321-01: Authorize Purchase of two (2) 2021 RAM 2500 Crew Cab, 4X4, 6.4L V8 Trucks from Liberty Superstores with matching State Bid Pricing in the Amount of $31,279.00 each for a total price of $62,558.00.

2) WS011321-12: Approve Purchase of Rosenbauer Aerial Fire Apparatus through Source Well (Former NJPA) in the amount of $999,257.00.

3) Acknowledge the Following Volunteers for Worker’s Compensation Purposes: RSVP - Judith Berry, Rosalee Johnson, Jane Moore, Rita Schwartz, Kathryn Tribby
4) WS011321-02: Resolution No. 2021-003 Establishing 2021 Encumbrances
5) WS011321-15: Resolution No. 2021-002 – Resolution Levying Assessment for Abatement of Nuisances
6) WS011321-16: Resolution 2021-004 - Resolution Declaring Miscellaneous Personal Property Surplus to be traded.

7) WS011321-03: Request Transfer of Tax Deed Property from Pennington County to the City of Rapid City and Authorize Public Works Director to Accept and Record Deed When Transferred.
8) WS011321-04: Authorize Staff to Advertise Bids for Pavement Rehabilitation Project – Rand Road, Project No. 20-2618 / CIP No. 50798. Estimated Cost $340,000
9) WS011321-05: Request Authorization to Seek Proposals for Engineering Services for WRF Aeration Basin Clariflocculator and Siphon Piping Construction, Project Number 2629 /CIP Number 51129
10) WS011321-11: Authorize Mayor and Finance Director to sign an agreement between The City of Rapid City and AET for Annual Contract Renewal Work Plan for Sampling, analysis, and Reporting Related to 2021 Environmental Monitoring of the Rapid City Landfill for a total cost of $116,715.50
11) WS011321-13: Request to purchase 2020 M4HSD mechanical sweeper through Sourcewell, Global Environmental, Transource Contract #122017-GEP In the amount of $261,606.00
12) WS011321-14: Approve Request from Fisk Land Surveying & Consulting Engineers, INC. for a variance to waive the requirement to install sidewalk along Nemo Road, Bittersweet Road, and undeveloped section line ROW, Rapid City, per City Ordinance 12.08.060.
Staff Recommendation: Approve

13) WS011321-06: Approve the Preliminary Recommendations of FY20 CDBG-CV3 funds
14) WS011321-07: Authorize the Mayor and Finance Director to sign the FY20 CDBG-CV Grant Funding Agreement
15) WS011321-08: Authorize the Mayor and Finance Director to sign the amended Community Development Block Grant FY20 SF-424
16) 20TP043: Authorize the Mayor and Finance Director to sign the Professional Services Agreement with Fugro USA Land, Inc. for Digital GIS Base Map Development Services in an amount not to exceed $60,979.19
17) 21TP001: Authorize staff to advertise the Request for Proposals for the Cambell Street Structure Replacement and Multi-modal Routing Study

18) WS011321-09: Confirm the reappointment of Michael Calabrese and the new appointment of Roger Heacock to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.
19) WS011321-10: Confirm the reappointment of Kyle Blada to the Historic Sign Review Committee.

REGULAR BUSINESS ITEMS (Council Non-Consent Calendar)

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