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2016 05 20 Capital Improvements Program Committee Agenda

  pdf PDF Version of 5/20/16 CIP AGENDA (133 KB)



City of Rapid City, South Dakota

C/SAC - 3rd Floor WEST Conference Room

10:00 A.M., May 20, 2016

1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

CONSENT ITEMS -- Items 3 – 9

Remove Items from the “Consent Items” and Vote on Remaining Consent Items

3. Approve pdf Minutes (90 KB) for April 15, 2016

4. Next Meeting: Friday, June 17, 2016 @ 10:00 a.m./3rd Floor WEST Conference Room

5. pdf No. CIP052016-03 (188 KB) – Capital Plans for Government Facilities

6. pdf No. CIP052016-04 (178 KB) – Capital Plans for Government Facilities – CSAC Maintenance

7. pdf No. CIP052016-05 (182 KB) – Capital Plans for Government Facilities – Fire and Emergency Services

8. pdf No. CIP052016-06 (183 KB) – Capital Plan for Government Facilities - Parks & Recreation

9. pdf No. CIP052016-07 (188 KB) – Capital Plan for Information Technology

NON-CONSENT ITEMS – Items 10 – 14

10. No. CIP052016-01 - Financial Reports

11. pdf No. CIP052016-02 (186 KB) – Capital Plan for Streets, Drainage, MIP Projects

12. No. CIP052016-08 – Government Facilities 5-Year Plan (2017-2021)

13. No. CIP052016-09 – Additional Funding request for Street Maintenance Administrative Improvements #16-2320 – Rod Johnson

14. No. CIP052016-10 – Funding request from Downtown Bid Board for funding for Main Street Tree Grate Improvements Project - Jeff Biegler


15. No. CIP052016-11 – Chairperson Comments – Ritchie Nordstrom


The following is for the committee’s consideration as it relates to one-time purchases for the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for the City of Rapid City. The principles proposed for the committee are as follows:

  • Public Safety
  • Widespread benefit / cost-benefit ratio
  • How long on unfunded list
  • Ability to find another funding source
  • Continuing funding needed / ongoing vs. new program

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