Posted: February 07, 2020
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: PW021120-05

Agenda Item Title:

Authorize Mayor and Finance Office to Sign an Agreement between the City of Rapid City and Ferber Engineering Company for Professional Engineering Services for FEMA LOMR – Southeast and Truck Bypass Drainages, Project No. 20-2569/ CIP No. 51275 in the amount of $43,570.00

Origination Group:
Public Works Committee
Origination Meeting Date:
City Council Hearing Date:
Staff Contact:
Mary Bosworth
Intersection of Elk Vale Rd and Hwy 79
Agenda Item Summary:
Consultant will prepare a LOMR (Letter of Map Revision) for FEMA FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) to correct the existing regulatory floodplain boundaries for the Southeast and Truck Bypass Drainages. The LOMR is required to be modeled based on existing conditions which reflect modifications made to Highway 79 and the construction of the Southeast Connector. Proposed development south of Elk Vale Rd. and east of Hwy 79 requires the developer obtain a Conditional LOMR from FEMA. FEMA requires the current maps be updated prior to issuance of the CLOMR for the development.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Funding Cost Center
609 7402
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