Posted: June 27, 2017
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: PW062717-09

Agenda Item Title:

Appeal of Denied Exception Request from Sperlich Consulting on Behalf of Market Square, LLC to Waive Additional Pavement, Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk, Handicap Ramps, Street Light Conduits and Water Main in Creek Drive (City Files 17EX117).

Origination Group:
Public Works Committee
Origination Meeting Date:
Stage 2 Group Name:
Public Works Committee
Stage 2 Meeting Date:
City Council Hearing Date:
Sperlich Consulting on Behalf of Market Square, LLC
Staff Contact:
Nicole Lecy, Project Engineer
Proposed Market Square Subdivision, 1624 E. St. Patrick Street, Located in Section 5, T1N, R8E, BHM, Rapid City, South Dakota.
Agenda Item Summary:
The petitioner applied for an exception request to waive the requirements to provide additional pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, handicap ramps, street light conduit and water main in Creek Drive, which would to allow for an industrial/commercial development to occur adjacent to Creek Drive without improvements to the road. Staff denied the exception request based on the following. Subdivision improvements including pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street light conduit, water main and sewer main are triggered during the platting process for all adjacent roadways. The proposed Market Square Subdivision plat (City File 17PL053) has frontage to Creek Drive for approximately 635’ and Creek Drive exists today with 20’ wide rural pavement section, with ditches for drainage, a 12” water main in a portion of the road, an 8” sewer main and one street light. Creek Drive is an arterial street identified on the City’s major street plan requiring a minimum 36’ wide pavement with curb, gutter, sidewalk, street light conduit, water and sewer. The alignment of Creek Drive may need to be adjusted at the East St. Patrick Street intersection and this is something the City would work with the developer to achieve. Creek Drive needs to be constructed to arterial street standards to accommodate the proposed plat that includes platting 3 industrial/commercial lots. The existing street is not constructed to handle development in the area. Street improvements need to be extended in Creek Drive to achieve the goals of the City’s comprehensive street plans to provided public infrastructure for future growth and surrounding development. Subdivision improvements should be installed at the time of plat, as required by Ordinance to support the proposed development. Please note that improvements in adjacent Creek Drive would create an improved street corridor from East St. Patrick Street to East St. Charles Street, both of which are improved streets. Please note that construction plans for sidewalk are a requirement of the platting process with the developer responsible to construct sidewalk at intersections, handicap ramps, sidewalk on unbuildable parcels, and provide grading for the installation of sidewalks along all public right-of-ways. However, sidewalks along buildable parcels is not required until a building permit is obtained on a parcel. If sidewalk is not desired at the time of building permit, a sidewalk variance must be obtained from the City Council as allowed for by Rapid City Municipal Code. Approximately 300’ of adjacent Creek Drive is void of water main. An extension of the 12” water in Creek Drive from its current terminus to connect to the water main in East St. Patrick Street is required to eliminate a long dead end water main which is approximately 1700’ today. Water main looping will provide redundancy within the water system and additional domestic and fire flows for the proposed development. The petitioner is appealing the Staff denial to the City Council. Please note that Staff did approve of an exception for this project to not construct a dual water main in adjacent East St. Patrick Street (City File 17EX116), and approve of an exception to not construct a dual water main in adjacent Creek Drive (City File 17EX117).

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

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Origination Recommendation Action:
Origination Recommendation Notes:
Staff recommends upholding the denial of the exception request.
City Council Options:
Uphold the denial, approve or amend the denial in whole or in part.

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