Posted: June 23, 2022
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: 22VA010 - Deadwood Avenue Tract

Agenda Item Title:

22VA010 - Variance to waive the requirement to pave circulation, loading/unloading and parking areas and reduce rear yard setback to 9 feet in lieu of required 25 feet

Origination Group:
Planning Commission
Origination Meeting Date:
Towey Design Group, Inc for Magic Canyon Limited Partnership
Staff Contact:
Tanner Holanen, Current Planner I
704 Industrial Avenue
Agenda Item Summary:
The applicant has submitted a Variance request to waive the requirement to pave a portion of the circulation, loading/unloading, and parking areas and to reduce the rear yard setback to 9 feet in lieu of the required 25 feet. The subject property is zoned Light Industrial District and consists of three warehouse buildings built in the early and mid-1970s. The site is currently being used for the storage and maintenance of the applicant’s construction equipment, vehicles, and, materials. The northern warehouses are 8,000 and 10,000 square feet in size respectively and the southern warehouse is 20,000 square feet in size. The applicant is proposing to change the use of the southern warehouse to a heavy construction equipment repair and storage facility. The interior of the warehouse will be modified to provide vehicle bays, mechanical work areas, and storage space. No exterior alterations are proposed with this application. The Rapid City Municipal Code stipulates that when new land uses are initiated every building or structure must conform to the requirements of the parking regulations which involves hard-surfacing for required parking and loading facilities. All required parking and loading facilities on the property are proposed to be hard-surfaced except for a 20,200 square-foot area located between the northern and southern warehouses. This area is proposed to be surfaced with asphalt millings which are not considered a hard-surfaced material. To accommodate a two-way drive aisle a 26-foot wide hard-surfaced area is required north of the proposed equipment repair facility and south of the northern warehouses. In addition, during the review of this application, it was identified that the east rear yard setback on the existing northern and southern warehouses did not meet the minimum 25-foot requirement. This setback did not conform to the regulations at the time it was built and is therefore non-conforming. All non-conformities associated with a property must be legally permitted or rectified before the issuance of a building permit.

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Funding Cost Center


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Origination Recommendation Notes:
Zoning Board of Adjustment Approved based on Criteria #2 (Special circumstances): 6/23/2022

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