Posted: August 08, 2019
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: 19PD031 - Fifth Street Office Plaza

Agenda Item Title:

19PD031 - Final Planned Development Overlay to allow a commercial Development

Origination Group:
Planning Commission
Origination Meeting Date:
Renner Associates, LLC for Fifth Street Developers, LLC
Staff Contact:
John Green, Current Planner I
4905 5th Street
Agenda Item Summary:
The applicant has submitted an application for a Final Planned Development Overlay to allow a commercial development on the property located at 4905 5th Street. The property is 1.74 acres in size and is zoned General Commercial District with a Planned Development Designation. The proposed commercial development consists of a 7,922 square-foot structure to be utilized for office and restaurant use. Specifically, the proposed structure consists of four 1,922 square foot suites within the primary building. The suite on the eastern end of the building will be used as a fast food restaurant while the balance of the suites will be reserved for general office or retail use. Restaurants and offices are permitted uses within the General Commercial District and the applicant is not seeking any Zoning Exceptions as part of this application. A Planned Development Designation (File# 04PD066) was approved on the property on December 2, 2004 concurrently with a rezoning request (File# 04RZ048) to rezone the property from General Agricultural District to General Commercial District. Rapid City Municipal Code stipulates that any property within a Planned Development Designation must be reviewed and approved as a Final Planned Development Overlay application prior to issuance of a building permit.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Funding Cost Center


Origination Recommendation Action:
Approve with Stipulations
Origination Recommendation Notes:
Planning Commission approved with stipulations: 8/8/2019

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19PD031 Project Report  

19PD031 Attachments

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