Posted: April 20, 2017
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: 17VA002 - Robbinsdale Addition No. 9

Agenda Item Title:

17VA002 - Variance to allow a 6 foot fence in the second front yard

Origination Group:
Planning Commission
Origination Meeting Date:
Durrell Davidson
Staff Contact:
Fletcher Lacock, Current Planner III
1000 Fir Drive
Agenda Item Summary:
The applicant has submitted a request to allow 6 foot high fence in the second front yard with a one foot setback in lieu of the minimum required 10 foot setback. The subject property is a corner lot with two front yards along Fir Drive and Sycamore Street. Chapter 17.50.340 of the Rapid City Municipal Code states that “fences shall be no more than 4 feet in height in the required front yard; however, fences no more than 6 feet in height may be allowed in the second front yard when setback a minimum of 10 feet from the property line”. The proposed fence will be six feet high and constructed of cedar. The site plan identifies that the fence will be in compliance with the minimum required 25 foot front yard setback from Fir Drive.

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