Posted: September 06, 2016
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: 16VR003 - Canyon Lake Heights

Agenda Item Title:

16VR003 - Vacation of Right-of-Way

Origination Group:
Planning Commission
Origination Meeting Date:
Stage 2 Group Name:
Public Works Committee
Stage 2 Meeting Date:
City Council Hearing Date:
City Council First Reading Date:
City Council Second Reading Date:
Fisk Land Surveying and Consulting Engineers, Inc., for Roger and Heidi Hanzlik
Staff Contact:
Robert Laroco, Current Planner III
4018 Calle Baja Street
Agenda Item Summary:
The applicant has submitted this Vacation of Right-of-Way application for a portion of the Calle Baja Street right-of-way. The portion of right-of-way extends north of the primary Calle Baja Street location and is currently utilized as the driveway for property located at 4018 Calle Baja Street. However, it appears a portion of the existing structure at 4018 Calle Baja is located within the right-of-way. As a part of the proposed vacation, the applicant is proposing to dedicate a utility easement for an existing power line currently located in the right-of-way. During review of the request, staff noted that a non-conforming water service line for a neighboring property is located within those portions of the right-of-way proposed for vacation. Prior to Vacation of the right-of-way, the water service line location must be confirmed and an easement dedicated to maintain access to the line. Staff recommends that this item be continued to the 9/6/2016 City Council as the stipulations of approval have not been met.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Funding Cost Center


Origination Recommendation Action:
Approve with Stipulations
Origination Recommendation Notes:
Planning Commission recommended approval w/stipulations: 4/21/2016; Public Works Committee recommended approval with stipulations: 4/26/2016
City Council Recommendation Action:
Approve with Stipulations
City Council Recommendation Notes:
Continued to 6/6/2016; Continued to 6/20/2016; Continued to 7/5/2016; Continued to 7/18/2016; Continued to 8/1/2016; Continued to 8/15/2016; City Council approved with stipulations: 9/6/2016

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