Posted: December 06, 2021
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: LF121521 01

Agenda Item Title:

Authorize Mayor and Finance Director to sign Amended Sublease Agreement with Pennington County

Origination Group:
Legal & Finance Committee
Origination Meeting Date:
City Council Hearing Date:
Staff Contact:
Pauline Sumption, Finance Director
Agenda Item Summary:
In 2010, the City signed a sublease agreement with Pennington County for improvements/construction of shared properties (evidence lab, parking ramp, Public Safety Building & energy plant). Since that time, the County has refinanced that debt and wishes to pass the interest savings onto the City, as well. This agreement outlines the new annual payment.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Funding Cost Center
Already budgeted in the CIP Fund


Origination Recommendation Action:

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