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Posted: July 22, 2019
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: LF073119 04

Agenda Item Title:

Second Reading and Recommendation of Ordinance No. 6347, An Ordinance to Amend Section 9.28.020 of the Rapid City Municipal Code Relating to Throwing Stones and Missiles

Origination Group:
Legal & Finance Committee
Origination Meeting Date:
Stage 2 Group Name:
Legal & Finance Committee
Stage 2 Meeting Date:
City Council First Reading Date:
City Council Second Reading Date:
Staff Contact:
Kinsley Groote, Assistant City Attorney
Agenda Item Summary:
Currently, Rapid City Municipal Code Section 9.28.020 prohibits archery deer hunting within the city limits of Rapid City. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, the Parks & Recreation Department, and the City Attorney’s Office all worked together to draft protocol for a Rapid City Archery Antlerless Deer Access Permit Program. The goal of this program is to allow archery hunting for antlerless deer upon designated private property within City limits. Such an effort is needed to manage the deer population within Rapid City because the deer population causes automobile collisions, property damage, and the spread of disease. This ordinance would allow archery deer hunting by hunters (only a select number of hunters each year) who obtain Access Permits pursuant to the Program. This ordinance also revises language in Section 9.28.020 to provide that no person may shoot an arrow within City limits or within the City’s one-mile jurisdiction unless it is being done pursuant to the enumerated exceptions. **There is a separate agenda item for Resolution No. 2019-062 – A Resolution Establishing the City of Rapid City Archery Antlerless Deer Access Permit Program.**

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