Posted: March 09, 2017
Rapid City
Agenda Item Summary

Agenda Item Ref. #: LF031517-09

Agenda Item Title:

Authorize submission of the Historic Preservation Commission Certified Local Government grant application for 2017-2018 and Receipt of Funds associated with the grant.

Origination Group:
Legal & Finance Committee
Origination Meeting Date:
City Council Hearing Date:
Staff Contact:
Sarah Hanzel, Long Range Planner II
Agenda Item Summary:
The grant funds the administrative duties of the Historic Preservation Commission, an update to Downtown Rapid City Historic Preservation Literature, educational outreach activities for the community, and Historic Preservation Commission member and staff training.

Funding Source & Fiscal Impact (if applicable):

Funding Cost Center
Federal Match: $22,000; Local Match: $22,000


Origination Recommendation Action:

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