June 26, 2017

What's News In The City

City crews are out planting flowers in many of the City's parks and presentation areas through mid-June. City crews are out planting flowers in many of the City's parks and presentation areas through mid-June. (City Photo)


RAPID CITY--City Council President Jason Salamun and Vice President Chad Lewis have finalized member assignments to the City's Public Works Committee and Legal and Finance Committee.

Darla Drew, Lisa Modrick, Ritchie Nordstrom, John Roberts and Salamun will serve on the City's Public Works Committee with Drew appointed as Committee chair and Modrick as Committee vice-chair.

 Assigned to the City's Legal and Finance Committee are Amanda Scott, Steve Laurenti, Becky Drury, Laura Armstrong and Lewis with Scott appointed as Committee chair and Laurenti as Committee vice-chair. 

The Public Works Committee meets the Tuesday, and the Legal and Finance Committee meets the Wednesday prior to a City Council meeting.  Both meetings are scheduled at 12:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

**ROOSEVELT ICE ARENA CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE:  The Roosevelt Ice Arena will be closed July 16-30 for annual maintenance.  All regularly-scheduled programs will begin again on July 31.

**CITY POOLS OFFERING NEW 'QUICK DIP HOUR'--Had a hard day at the office?  Been working out in the hot sun all day?  Looking for some quick fun with the family before dinner?

Beginning today, the City outdoor pools are offering a new program, the 'Quick Dip Hour'.  From 5-6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, the public can take a quick dip at the Jimmy Hilton, Parkview and Horace Mann pools for $3 per person.  The program will continue through the rest of the summer.

"It gives patrons the chance to cool off in the pool a bit after work, or for families to hop in the pool before going home for dinner, as well as anyone who has been working outside all day and needs some quick relief," said Emily Carstensen, Aquatics Specialist for the City's Recreation Division. 

The fee is half of the daily swim fee of $6.

**RAPID CITY POLICE URGING PARENTS TO NOT LEAVE JUVENILES UNSUPERVISED AT THURSDAY DOWNTOWN EVENTS:  Downtown Thursday evening concert events have proven to be a well-loved summer event with countless benefits to Rapid City’s downtown core. Police are working to keep these evening concerts fun and safe by curbing an increase in juvenile issues in areas outside the boundaries of the event. The primary issues include disturbances and physical fighting amongst the juveniles.

Rapid City police would like to remind local parents that the Thursday evening summer events in downtown Rapid City are not a place to leave juveniles unsupervised.  “This is a serious issue that can be resolved with a little parental responsibility,” says Lt. Scott Sitts of the RCPD’s patrol division.

The RCPD would like to make it clear that these issues are not occurring within the boundaries of the event itself. In terms of public safety, Summer Nights and the Main Street Square Concert Series remain fun and safe events for the public to enjoy.

“What we’re seeing is that these kids aren’t interested in the music and other attractions of the event,” says Lt. Sitts. “They’re telling their parents that they’re going for the event, when in reality, they’re causing trouble in other parts of the downtown area or the city.”

Parents are urged to always remain attentive to the whereabouts of their kids. These Thursday night concerts are not a place for unsupervised juveniles. Parents should accompany their kids to the event.

**MOUNT RUSHMORE ROAD RECONSTRUCTION UPDATE:  (Wednesday, July 12) –  Water main installation continues on Mt. Rushmore Road from Flormann Street to St Francis Street with storm sewer installation to follow in this area.

Work is being done on retaining walls, sidewalk, lighting, and landscape on the west side of Mount Rushmore Road from Saint James Street to Saint Andrew Street. Saint Cloud Street will be closed intermittently for surfacing work. Saint Charles Street is anticipated to open next week. Saint Andrew Street will open as soon as there is strength in the new concrete. The west half of the Saint Patrick Street intersection is anticipated to be closed through mid-July for surfacing work. Business access will be maintained from the west on St. Patrick Street for the majority of this closure.

A Temporary Pedestrian Access Route will be maintained on the west side of Mount Rushmore Road from Flormann Street to Saint Francis Street, and the east side of Mount Rushmore Road from Saint Francis Street to Saint James Street.

A shift in traffic, to the new pavement in the southbound lanes of Mount Rushmore Road from Saint James Street to Saint Charles Street, is anticipated the week of August 1.

Pedestrian access between Clark and South streets is on the west side of Mount Rushmore Road until handrail installation is completed, which is anticipated to be by the end of July. Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes are at Fairview and South streets.

Business access on Mount Rushmore Road will remain open at all times. Left-hand turns across traffic are discouraged to allow for continued flow of traffic. Motorists are asked to slow down through the work zone and be prepared for: suddenly slowing, merging and stopped traffic, minor delays, loose gravel, uneven surfaces and bumps, as well as construction workers and equipment adjacent to the roadway.

Weekly progress meetings at The Rushmore Hotel are held every Wednesday at 8 a.m. for the project between Saint James and Flormann streets. Project information is available at www.mountrushmoreroad.com. For questions, the public may contact Debby Heisinger at Ferber Engineering Company Inc. by phone (605) 343-3311 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

**CITY AT WORK ON MOSQUITO CONTROL:  The City's Parks Division and Stormwater Drainage Division have been at work this summer on mosquito control.  Although it has been very dry and hot this summer, a substantial rain event can bring out the mosquitos. 

Parks Division Manager Scott Anderson indicates crews have been placing larvicide briquettes, which last 120 days, in standing water areas to control mosquito larvae.

Anderson said the City's Stormwater Drainage Division will also be treating drainage areas and storm sewer inlets with briquettes.   In addition, crews will utilize fogging on a complaint basis and in areas where larger events will be taking place during the summer.

Anderson says residents and visitors can also do their part by taking necessary precautions, including the use of mosquito repellant and wearing proper clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and long pants.  Mosquito repellants containing DEET are recommended.  Residents are also reminded to get rid of standing water areas around homes where mosquitoes can lay their eggs and larvae can grow.

The City has also applied for, and received, the Mosquito Control and West Nile Prevention Grant. Anderson said the City applied for $20,000 to be used for additional chemicals, updating one of the fogging machines, and making all of the foggers GPS-enabled to track routes.

**NEW DIGITAL MEDIA POLICY: The City is advising the public of a new requirement for digital media material for presentations at City Council and City Committee meetings.  Effective May 1, digital media submissions must be provided at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting where the material will be presented.

 "This new guideline will allow for more efficient presentation of the item, ensuring there are no compatibility or virus issues with the item and the City's display system, as well as providing sufficient time for City staff to contact individuals for any changes that may be needed to the item prior to the meeting," said Darrell Shoemaker, City Communications Coordinator.  "Too often, items are brought in a few moments before the start of a meeting, even after the meeting has started, and there is not sufficient time to ensure compatibility with our system, make sure there are no viruses, problems or issues with the item and for effective presentation of the item."

Digital media items can be submitted to the appropriate department division at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  For Monday's Council meetings, the item should be provided no later than Friday at 5 p.m.    The City reserves the right to reject any items for presentation due to digital compatibility issues or content appropriateness.

**CITY HALL KIOSK WELCOMES VISITORS:  A new kiosk in the lobby of the City/School Administration Center welcomes visitors.  There are four blocks of information, including a block for daily meetings and locations; a block explaining the location of meetings rooms in the building; a 'what am I looking for' block that provides a brief explanation of specific offices and their missions; and a date/time/temperature block.

**AlertRC & AlertPC TEXT MESSAGE SYSTEM: The City of Rapid City, Pennington County, Rapid City Police Department, Pennington County Sheriff's Office, Rapid City Fire Department, Pennington County Fire Service, and Pennington County Emergency Management have partnered with the 211 Helpline Center to provide information to the public of important information via text messaging.  Subscribers will receive official notifications regarding incidents that have public impact such as:

--No travel advisories

--Extensive road closure as a result of infrastructure failure such as a water line or gas line break

--Structure fire that creates traffic hazards

--Wild Fire with evacuations and/or closures

--Major accidents with road closures

To subscribe texting 'AlertRC' to 898211 for Rapid City events and 'AlertPC'  to 898211 for Pennington County events.  Text “STOP’ to cancel subscription at any time. There is no cost to sign up for this service, however standard messaging and data rates apply.

**NEW RAPID CITY POLICE ONLINE SERVICE: In an effort to provide added convenience to the public, the Rapid City Police Department is offering an online service in which victims of crime may report non-emergency incidents to police. The ability to do so is currently live on the RCPD homepage at RapidCityPolice.org.

The service is located under ‘Online Crime Reporting’ on the website, and will allow citizens to report the following types of crime:

  • Vehicle Burglary
  • Gas theft
  • Hit and Run
  • Lost Property
  • Theft
  • Unauthorized Tampering with a Motor Vehicle
  • Vandalism

From there, a simple and easy-to-use interface will guide citizens through the reporting process. Police personnel will review the report and, once approved, the reporting party will receive an email with a copy of the report attached without cost. The report will transfer into the RCPD’s records management system and receive the same investigation and statistical analysis review as if a police officer had filed the report.

It's important to note that this service is not for use in emergency situations. Members of the public should always call 911 in an emergency.

**SNOW ALERT MESSAGES:  It's never too early to be thinking about snow.  The City and the 211 Helpline Center have partnered to promote information when Snow Removal Alerts are declared in the downtown core area from Fifth to Ninth Streets and Kansas City Street to Omaha.  Text 'RCSnow' to 898211.


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