Mayor's Office - Council
Sam Kooiker Mayor of Rapid City
(605) 394-4110
Fax: (605) 394-6793
City Info Line: (605) 394-9300



Office of the Mayor
300 Sixth Street, Rapid City, South Dakota  57701
Phone: (605) 394-4110  FAX: (605) 394-6793

Nomination Form


Month Recipient
January Regina Lewis
February Ron & LaVonne Masters
March Janice Knutsen
April Thore Jenshus
May Babe Steinburg
June Jim Mirehouse
July Wayne Erickson
August Judy Duhamel
September *No Citizen of the Month
October Henry Oliver
November James Van Nuys
December *No Citizen of the Month


Month Recipient
January Rachael Hall
February Grace Mickelson
March Gale Holbrook
April David Meltz
May Bill Kessloff &
Jean Kessloff
June James Phoenix
July Myron Tatum
August Mel & Tamera Glover
September Addie Kalmback
October Anton Kaiser
November Courtney Moose
December Allen Kleinsasser






Month Recipient
 January    AJ Green
 February  Patricia Zent
 March Steve Denison 
 April Charles Henrie 
 May Jack Naugle
 June Frank Webb 
 July Lee Geiger
August  Mary Jo Farrington
 September  Lowell Dethlefs
 October  Tyrese Morris
November John Hagg
December Julaine Arient-Rollman

 The previously implemented Citizen of the Month Program was abandoned after January 2007.  The City Council of Rapid City desired to implement a new Citizen of the Month Program and drafted Resolution 2011-138  to recognize the principles of outstanding citizenship displayed by deserving Rapid City citizens who have made significant efforts to improve the quality of life in the community. 

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