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State Of The Library Address - 2010

Greta Chapman
Library Director

Video 1
 (5 min, 17 sec)
Introduction and Welcome by Library Director Greta Chapman


Terri Davis
Assistant Library Director

Video 2   (5 min, 54 sec)
Remarks by Terri Davis and Jason Walker


Greta Chapman
Library Director

Video 3   (8 min, 41 sec)
General Remarks by Greta Chapman & Terri Davis followed by further remarks by Greta Chapman


Jason Walker
Library Supervisor
Video 4   (6 min, 52 sec)
Remarks by Jason Walker, Terri Davis, and Greta Chapman

Sandra McNeely
Library Board Chair
Video 5   (5 min,37 sec)
Remarks by Library Board Chairman Sandra McNeely

Nancy Gowen
Library Foundation Board President

Pat McKay
Friends of the Library President

Video 6
   (5 min, 42 sec)
Remarks by Foundation Board President Nancy Gowen and Friends of the Library President Pat McKay
No Image Available

Video 7   (7 min, 15 sec)
Remarks by Principal of General Beadle Elementary, Robin Gillespie


Dr. Craig Bailey
President of Western Dakota Technical Institute
Video 8   (3 min, 50 sec)
Remarks by Western Dakota Technical Institute President Craig Bailey

Alan Hanks
Mayor of Rapid City
Video 9   (4 min, 29 sec)
Remarks by Rapid City Mayor Alan Hanks
2009 State Of The Library Address

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