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Behavior Policy


The purpose of this policy is to inform patrons of the Rapid City Public Libraries of the standards of conduct and behavior that are expected and will be enforced on the libraries’ premises.

Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is safe and conducive to study and reading, and allows for sharing of the facility with other library users of all ages and interests. Patrons are also to abide by the libraries’ Internet Use Policy.

Certain types of disruptive behavior can be potentially harmful or dangerous and will not be acceptable. Behaviors that may result in the loss of Library services and/or criminal prosecution include:

- Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, local, or other applicable laws, or library policy
- Verbally or physically threatening or harassing other patrons, volunteers, or staff
- Unsafe behavior such as fighting, running, pushing
- Creating disruptive noises
- Only service animals necessary for disabilities are allowed into the libraries

The Rapid City Public Libraries reserve the right to suspend library services of any patron suspected of engaging in any of the above-enumerated activities, or other disruptive or unsafe conduct, for the length of suspension the Library deems appropriate, including the permanent loss of access. The following are recommended guidelines for suspension periods; the seriousness of the conduct may warrant immediate and/or lengthier loss of library services, as determined by the Library Director or designee. The Library Director or designee must approve any loss of library services for one week or more.

-1st offense - Verbal warning that further violation will involve loss of library services; suspension from the libraries for the remainder of the day if warranted by severity or repetition of behavior after the warning
- 2nd offense - Loss of library services for one week
- 3rd offense - Loss of library services for one month
- 4th offense - Loss of library services for six months
- 5th offense - Loss of library services for one year
- 6th offense – Loss of library services for more than one year

This information is adapted from the City of Rapid City Municipal Code and the Rapid City Public Library Behavior Policy.
Click here to read the full Behavior Policy. If you would like to appeal a suspension, please see our Suspension Appeal Form.

 Collection Development Policy

It is the intent of this document to provide for public understanding of the purpose and nature of the library’s collections. The document is also intended to give guidance and direction to library staff for collection development and maintenance of a balanced collection to meet community needs, with minimal barriers to access.

 Internet Use Policy 

The Rapid City Public Libraries offer in-library access to electronic information, services and networks as part of its mission to meet the personal, professional and educational information needs of the community.
The libraries filter computers in each of the library facilities. Upon request by patrons aged 18 years old or older, staff will turn off filters. Minors may use unfiltered Internet stations only if accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during computer use, or if a parent or guardian has completed the Minor’s Internet Use Form. Unfiltered Internet is not available in those areas designated for youth access.

 Library Card Registration Policy

Library cards for Rapid City and Pennington County residents are valid for two years from date of issue. Cards for persons living outside of Pennington County are valid for the term selected at the time of purchase (up to one year). In the event that the contract for county services terminates, county residents will be notified that their cards will expire on the date of the contract termination.
The person applying for and receiving a library card is expected to be the person using that card to check out materials and access services at the library.
Library cards are available to individuals or business owners in Rapid City and Pennington County, with a verified current physical address that identifies their place of residence or taxable business within Rapid City or the County. Post Office boxes and commercial mail service addresses may be used as a mailing address but may not be used as verification of physical address.

 Refund Policy

Refunds for lost material replacement are issued within 90 days with receipt when the item is returned in usable condition.


Unattended Children Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform patrons of the Rapid City Public Libraries of the expectations and guidelines for use of the Libraries’ premises by children.  Safety of children is of the utmost concern for the Libraries’ Board and staff. However, the safety and responsibility of children at the Libraries remains with the parent or caregiver and not with the Libraries.

The Rapid City Public Libraries welcome children of all ages, but requires supervision of children 8 years of age and under. The Libraries are educational and enriching community spaces but can pose hazards for unattended children, who may encounter circumstances they are unprepared to handle effectively.  This may lead to potentially unsafe situations or behavior policy infractions.

Under this policy, children under the age of 8 must remain in the immediate vicinity of a parent or a responsible caregiver. Caregivers may be a sibling, relative or anyone a parent designates as a responsible party, and caregivers shall be over the age of 16.