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Rapid City Libraries Foundation

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The mission of the Rapid City Libraries Foundation is to raise funds to provide a margin of excellence for the Rapid City Public Libraries. 

The Libraries Foundation's Values 

The Foundation envisions the Libraries as a cornerstone of our community's high quality of life.
As such the Foundation embraces the following  values:
  • Developing and maintaining a broadly-based membership that is representative of community interests.
  • Managing its resources so as to maximize their impact throughout the entire community
  • Providing 21stCentury leadership which results in socially appropriate programming. 

Foundation Goals
1.  Develop and implement multiple Fund Development Initiatives

2.  Establish viable community partnerships.

3.  Establish a plan to develop a Donor Relationship program. - Design and conduct a program to promote planned giving targeted to regularly giving donors.



Foundation Strategic Planning Process (PDF)

Invest in Imagination and Ideas
Libraries make visions possible, but not without our active support. As the Information Revolution continues, people in our community will depend more and more on knowledge for their livelihood. The Libraries are a critical piece of our economic infrastructure. To keep pace, however, the Libraries will need to invest in new technology, develop new services, and expand its facilities to reach all of the people of Rapid City.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Libraries Foundation will help ensure the future for ideas and imagination in our Black Hills community. 

Please join us in our efforts to bring together the resources of our community to enhance our public libraries. We strive to provide access to knowledge and enhance the quality of the libraries as a learning center for people of all ages.



 Contact Us

Rapid City Libraries Foundation
PO Box 1015
Rapid City, SD 57709

   Cal Sievers  

Joe Prince
(605) 716-2651

Cal Sievers
(605) 381-6570

Jan Tippett
Secretary / Treasurer
(605) 716-3412