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RCPL-Employee Recognition

The years of service recognition program has been a long standing tradition to honor staff whose work and dedication have helped make RCPL the great organization that it is today.

Employee Anniversaries

6/1/15 4/27/15 4/28/15  10 Years 20 Years 20 Years 5 Years 5 Years


5 Years


 Million Dollar Service Award

In 2002 employees were asked how they would like to be recognized. The “You’ve Been Spotted” program was developed from their responses. In 2007, based on comments from staff, the program was revised and the Million Dollar Service program was created. Staff members may reward coworkers with a Million Dollar Service buck whenever exemplary service is witnessed. As staff receives service bucks they are encouraged to turn them in to be included in a monthly drawing and recognized at the quarterly all-staff meetings.

January 2014 – Kim Baumberger
February 2014 - Ailsa Snyder
March 2014 - Becky Matt
April 2014 - Sam Slocum
May 2014 - Nancy Lloyd
June 2014 - Deb Holz
July 2014 - Becky Matt
August 2014 - Jen Michaelson
September 2014  - Scott Hall
October 2014 - Sally-Adrina
November 2014 - Scott Olson
December 2014 - Amylee Blanks
January 2015 - Stephanie Jenner
February 2015 - Stacy Wierenga
March 2015 - Dorothy Richards
April 2015 - Russ Conklin
May 2015 - Kim Beck
June 2015 - Jen Michaelson
July 2015 - Kim Baumberger
August 2015 - Jennifer Williams
September 2015 - Jennifer Read
October 2015 - Wade Mayer

October 2015 Winner!

Employee Appreciation

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