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Rapid City Government Access Cable Channel Schedule

Rapid City Government Access Channels are provided by MidContinent Communications (Channel 98) and WOW (Channel 16) under Franchise Agreements for use by the City of Rapid City, its departments and agencies, to be used at the discretion of the City of Rapid City, for non-commercial purposes.

     Live Meetings Schedule

City Council 6;30pm on the first and third Monday of the Month
(Except for holidays)
Legal & Finance    12:30pm on the Wednesdays prior to the Council meeting
Planning Commission 7am on the Thursdays following the Council meeting
Public Works 12:30pm on the Tuesdays prior to the Council meeting
Special City Council Scheduled as needed


      Rebroadcast Schedule

City Council Monday 11am
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm and 6pm
Legal & Finance

 Tuesday 8am
Thursday, Friday 11am

Planning Commission Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3pm
 Thursday, Friday 1pm
Public Works Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am
Thursday 3pm
Pennington County Commissioners    Tuesday - Friday 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am and 10pm
Special City Council

 Wednesday, Friday 3pm