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Community Planning and Development Services


Lehe Report - Final
City of Rapid City Development Review Team (DRT) Process: 2010-2013 Progress Report and Assessment - Final Report and Recommendations
Ordinance Amendments Effective on March 15, 2013
 Ordinance No. 5881 - Development Requirements and Standards for Conditional Uses,
Planned Development Overlay Districts, Planned Unity Development Zoning Districts, and Administrative Exceptions
 Ordinance No. 5882 - Public Notice Requirements for the Planned Development Overlay District
Ordinance No. 5901 - Repealing Chapter 15.40 to move Fences and Walls to Chapter 17.50
Ordinance No. 5903 - Repealing Chapter 15.28 to move the Sign Code to Chapter 17.50 
Ordinance No. 5904 - Repealing Chapter 15.29 to move On-Premise Signage to Chapter 17.50
Ordinance No. 5905 - Repealing Chapter 15.40 to move Off-Premise Signate to Chapter 17.50
Ordinance Amendments Effective on March 22, 2013
 Ordinance No. 5883 - Adopting Signage, On-Premise Signage, and Off Premise Signage Regulations Previously Codified in Title 15 With Amendments 
Ordinance No. 5884 - Regulations for Fences and Walls 
Ordinance No. 5885 - Repealing a Redundant Section Regulating Off-Premise Signage as a Conditional Use
 Ordinance No. 5886 - Amending Chapter 17.54 Regarding Administration and Enforcement Regulations of the Rapid City Municipal Code
Ordinance Amendments Effective on April 12, 2013
Ordinance No. 5914 - Amending Provisions Concerning Tax Increment Financing District Review Process
Land Use Applications
Current Summary - Land Use Application Activity
Building Permit Activity
Current Summary -  Building Permit Activity
Additional Informational Items
 Arterial Street Safety Study - Final Report
 I-190/Silver Street Interchange - Phase 2
 Participation Plan